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1st Quarter Moon 01º Sag Aug 24, 2023


〰️ Shift in directions 〰️

This week leading up to the Supermoon in Pisces, we have a few powerful events unfolding that are sure to be observable in our lives. Because as we know, as above, so below, it’s never coincidence but always synchronicity!

At the beginning of the week, Mars progresses away from its bi-annual opposition to Neptune, which played out throughout this last week. We can imagine this as two forces sitting opposed to one another at the cosmic counsel. Something’s got to give. An understanding between two separating tensions must be realized. The purpose of this moment is to get that there is growth in the polar tension.

This cycle began with Mars conjunct Neptune back in May 2022. Therein was a seed planted, and now over a year later, it has come to the full phase – opposition. What were you doing then that is currently in some form of fruition? What desire has bloomed into realization?

In many ways, this cycle represents, on an individual level, the work that has been done during this period and what has been gained and given in the process. It is a confrontation between individual ego desires and the greater scope of life. We can’t always have what we want, but sometimes we can have our dreams come true! This is a week where directions will shift.

Mars represents the force of will, ambition, and the drive to be, get, take, and have. Neptune represents the vastness, the infinite, collective consciousness, and beyond. So we could say that the small self is now coming face to no-face with the higher self.

One way or another, this time can present something big and overwhelming, like you are close enough to reach out and touch just how bigger than life this existence is as if it was just sitting right there in the palm of your hand. And then “poof,” back to reality and the daily drill we go, but still, there is so much going on behind the scenes in the realms of creation, potential, and dreams. And it is here in the events that unfold during this week that we’ll see their substantial impact upon the nature of just those very things.

All this while Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo, throwing a wrench into the wheel of how things are “supposed to logically” be working out.

As the Full Moon builds, the Sun, now in Virgo, will oppose Saturn to add additional tension between personal power and the established structure of our lives. It represents lessons to step up in integrity, maturity, responsibility, and even in duty. Where does your devotion lie? Our energy has got to go somewhere, and creation is always happening. What will you choose, as we are given that opportunity each moment?

Virgo season is about purification and the intention to make right and better all that is within your potential to do so. It is about self-love and self-care as a service to the whole. Now is a month to discern and make the most of your precious time, for we never know how much of it we have left. It is a time to do what is necessary and to pay attention to details. There is magic and beauty all around! Virgo appreciates that the journey is as rewarding as the destination.

Blessings on your journey, with love,

Jessica Dawn

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