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1st Quarter Moon 11º Sagittarius Sep 3, 2022


〰️ Redirection 〰️

This week’s forecast is moving us through the first quarter moon phase of the Virgo cycle. Quarter Moons often raise the need to pivot course in some way. This week may bring out necessary confrontations or reflections upon your actions and which direction you are heading in your life. It’s time to address what you are doing and make some corrections.

After two months of experiencing Saturn and Uranus sitting on the Moon’s Nodes (the symbols of our past and future), we are now complete with those heavy cycles. After many significant shifts and changes while facing our own personal “karmic redemption” handed over by Saturn, and the possibility of a personal revolution, granted through Uranus, we are now on the other side of the peak of those particular challenges.

Sitting now in the aftermath of all that has come through and changed over these past couple of months, we will enter the infamous Mercury Retrograde season beginning next week in the signs of Libra, then returning to Virgo.

Here we will have the opportunity to go back and reassess, redetermine, and possibly redo some of the steps that were taken, the conversations that were had, and the decision that were made in our most important relationships. Retrogrades bring us back, back over grounds we have already covered in our lives so that we may have the chance to address things that we may have overlooked or not have had the time to give enough attention to.

On top of this Mercury Retrograde cycle, we have Mars entering its own retrograde shadow degrees this week. Mars does not officially do its bi-annual retrograde until the end of this October through January. However, starting this week, we will begin to feel that cycle dawning in as Mars enters the degrees that will be affected by the retrograde.

In the sign of Gemini, this will be a powerful time for communication, information, learning, and all things to do with our mental perspectives, including technology. There will be powerful, life-changing conversations occurring in our personal lives, and it will be interesting to see what kinds of radical, innovative changes and abrupt confrontations come through society on the level of our thoughts, opinions, ideas, and perspectives.

Mars is the Warrior Archetype, and in the sign of Gemini, we may see during this stage that the internet becomes even more of a volatile, combative battleground than we have thus far already witnessed. On the other hand, on the positive side of this spectrum, we will see powerful examples of genuine understanding and clear, healthy communication coming in to affect significant change.

This week Venus moves into Virgo, ushing in the focus of attraction towards food, health, body, and purity. It’s a time to clear space in body, mind, heart, and soul. Paying attention to the details and practicing being mindful of your thoughts and actions are Virgo’s ways. The Virgo Season is all about deepening into your self-love and your self-care. It’s about creating wellness around and within you so that you can feel with all of your senses, despite perceived flaws, inspired, awakened, and energized by the joyous state of your being.

Blessings on your journey.

Sincerely, Jessica

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