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1st Quarter Moon 13º Scorpio August 5, 2022


〰️ Revelations 〰️

This week’s first quarter moon in Scorpio opposite the Uranus, Mars conjunction promises intensity, laced with personal confrontations that only epic level changes can procure! This week is highlighting that already present aspect which is life-changing and highly activating towards breaking deep patterns and altering the very fabric of how our lives have been operating.

The Mars conjunction with Uranus and the North Node of the Moon is about radical recognition of something very deep and personal and breaking free from that which is necessary to let go of. We are being instigated to get very real with the core values and truths of who we are, how we have been, and what needs to change. Because frankly, the change is already well underway, and this transit has much to do with showing us where we need to catch up and keep up with what has already shifted.

As this week’s first quarter moon comes into exact opposition to those powerful players, we can feel the energies amped up a bit as the momentum increases. Mars, now on the other side of this transit, will take what we’ve learned over the past couple of weeks and run with it!

Over this next week, the Sun will come into an exact square to the Uranus, Mars, and North Node aspect and can bring on the next level of illuminations and powerful revelations regarding the direction life is leading you. This is a “power aspect” and implies that we may feel up against great external forces concerning our personal power.

This Sun square also involves an opposition with Saturn and the Moon, which can bring in profound ancestorial and family lessons. Mother/Father “karma,” the bloodlines, and that which we have inherited will likely be surfacing into greater consciousness.

We will also be experiencing this week Venus’s yearly opposition to Pluto. This can often represent a very special dance of the feminine’s descent into the Pluto realms of the Underworld. Simply said, aspects of the dark feminine are expressed. Where deep emotion, depths of feeling, pain-body inflictions, primal desires, and needs can be powerfully aroused out of the subconscious realms! I mean nothing negative about any of that. However, it is about how we choose to BE in those expressions. Do we create negativity or positivity from out of those realms?

This powerful relationship energy with potential conflict resolution can lead to profound connections and union as well as the remedy leaning towards the dissolving of relationship (or at least dynamics alive within it.)

Overall, as Venus continues through Cancer, there is an influence reminding us of the healing purpose of all of this. That we are healing and that in this process, we are discovering greater connection and truth within ourselves, our loved ones, and this life.

Blessings on your path.

Sincerely, Jessica

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