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1st Quarter Moon 16º Virgo June 7, 2022


〰️ You are worthy of love 〰️

The waxing square of the Moon highlights all the details you wish you could forget, but that life won’t let you forget. Mercury is still pushing that 26th degree of Taurus, forcing a focus, but the way forward might not be as clearcut as you’d like. If only life was a straight line, then everything would be so easy, but alas, as we spiral hopefully upwards, we come face to face with some very old and familiar challenges, and fresh out of retrograde Mercury is laden with intel about the why’s and the wherefores. There is plenty to figure out. Time is needed.

It can therefore mean that you will not know the way forward. For the initiate on the path or for any seeker of solutions that actually work, it might challenge your course of action. Should you go forward without thinking about the consequences, or are you imagining that the consequences would be worse than you think? Often fear comes in many forms and variations, and right now Mercury is in a tricky placement, right on Algol, a star known for its tendency to go into darker realms.

It is time to clean the slate and change your perspectives. When you look at life from a more benevolent point of view, and you realize that you are worthy of love and respect, then the game changes. This particular Quarter Moon phase invites you to look at all patterns of self-criticism and internalized anger.

The feisty Mars in Aries can have a tendency to pull the trigger a little hastily, and it is a contradiction of energy that unfolds. Mercury will be in Taurus until the Full Moon on the 14th, and it is asking you to chill down and not assume. Find as much peace and quietude as you can and embrace nature as much as possible. The planetary positions are weighing heavily on Fire and Air, so it is easy to go into mental overdrive, but fortune will have it that Mercury mellows down the tempo and inspires you to think before you act.

The last trine of Mercury to Pluto, the 11th and 12th, might finally provide some actual financial solutions if money has been tight lately. And now is the time to look for other ways of earning money. Maybe you have talents you haven’t tapped into, or that extra work pops up that can give you more breathing space, and this trine being the last of three exact hits of Mercury trine Pluto, solutions are on their way. This can also bring a long-awaited conversation that is deeply needed. Maybe now you reached a deep clarity into matters of the heart, and you are finally ready to share.

As Venus is moving to a new phase with Uranus on the 11th-12th of June, accompanied by the Moon opposing Scorpio on the South Node of Scorpio, some deep attachment issues might be resolved. The promise is that many of the co-dependency patterns you have worked through are now reaching a whole new level of freedom.

Invest in yourself, in your self-worth and self-respect. This will have a positive effect on the people that you like to have in your life, and that needy part might be gone in the blink of an eye. Self-abandonment is where a lot of pain begins so make sure that this time around you keep an eye on your heart and work on keeping it real!

Sol W Jonassen

Sol will break down this month’s lunar cycle into weekly and daily aspects for students of the New Paradigm School of Astrology. It is a group of folks deeply interested in spreading awareness, healing, and harmony using the powerful medicine of star wisdom.

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