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1st Quarter Moon at 19º Aquarius Nov 11, 2021


〰️ Transformation 〰️

Enter the Eclipse Season! This Scorpio Lunar Cycle leads us into a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio/Taurus on November 19th.
Eclipses cleanse us, awaken us, and inspire us to liberate ourselves from the past and welcome in the new. It is often a period of major purging, detoxing, and submerging into significant life experiences. Coming out much different than you went in is likely!

Scorpio has a way of pulling us into the depths of the psyche and penetrating the heart and soul. We face ourselves and others intimately in the raw and real light of things. We are given night vision and the opportunity to see what has been hidden, ignored, buried, or concealed. It’s about the “shadow” and the things lurking in the dark, the things we may need to look at to face our fears, truths, and limitations.

Ultimately Scorpio is all about power, that which we have, that which we don’t have, and that which we want to acquire. We are constantly growing, and Scorpio teaches us the importance of commitment, presence, and the wisdom to let go when it is time to move on. This is an extremely vulnerable territory where death and rebirth, initiation, and rites of passage are acknowledged as regular occurrences in the great wheel of time.

To have a Scorpio Season also involve an eclipse, we can understand that we have arrived at a moment of great transformation. With every powerful rebirth comes an equally strong confrontation. We could say we have entered the season of courage.

Scorpio taps us into our vulnerabilities and our needs. The need to bond, merge and connect ourselves with people, places, and things is strong in Scorpio, and this time period will initiate that instinct in all of us. It is also a time where our sense of security and values are being tested through the significant relationships in our lives. The stakes are higher as well as the intensities!

Mercury is now joining up with Mars in Scorpio over the next few weeks, and this week they will both come into an opposition with Uranus. Mars is dynamite, and Uranus is the lightning bolt. Watch your tongue, things could get volatile! But on a high note, Uranus and Mercury both represent aspects of the mind. When they come together, powerful moments of clarity, insight, inspiration, and even pure genius can erupt suddenly from out of nowhere. So pay attention to that great idea or “aha” moment. This is a week for powerful messages.

Venus is now in Capricorn and beginning what will soon become a long four-month Venus Retrograde cycle in Capricorn. The next few months are going to be heavily focused on our closest relationship dynamics. Capricorn is all about personal power, responsibility, duty, and integrity, as well as security and stability issues. The restructuring of relationships is the theme. These are some of the things rising to the surface to be placed under the scrutiny of the Scorpio lens.

We are currently at the First Quarter Moon phase (one week away from the Full Moon eclipse). This week ushers us through the conflict/resolution phase, where we are being called to investigate how we are acting regarding the direction we desire our lives to go. It’s a time to adjust and address what’s not working and redirect or shift the way you are taking action in your life. The Full Moon eclipse is sure to bring some powerful life-altering perspective into the light.

Jessica Dawn

Jessica will break down this month’s lunar cycle into weekly and daily aspects for students of the New Paradigm School of Astrology. It is a group of folks deeply interested in spreading awareness, healing, and harmony using the powerful medicine of star wisdom.

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