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1st Quarter Moon at 19º Aries Jan 9, 2022


〰️ Establishing the New 〰️

This First Quarter Moon highlights Venus, already into her retrograde cycle and presently conjunct the Sun in Capricorn. Issues around money, resources, and life-altering commitments are currently challenging our identities and sense of purpose. As life confronts us with what is no longer working and what is not right or sustainable, naturally, what arises is the need to figure out the new plan, system, contracts, and foundations to support the continuing process.

This is Capricorn territory – establishing solid and functional support systems. During this powerful Venus Retrograde cycle, we are given the opportunity to reexamine the current structures, contracts and agreements, routines and procedures, and overall influence of resources, monetary or otherwise, operating in our lives. Over the next month, it’s time to take serious accountability and make mature and wise choices regarding the long-term effects of your life and your decisions therein. It’s about how important it is to have a strong and solid foundation as support for any creative project, relationship, or endeavor. It’s about taking the time, effort, dedication, and devotion to be present and in integrity with what is needed. It’s about being mature and growing up, being responsible, and doing what’s right because it’s worth it in the end.

With Mars squaring Neptune this week, personal boundaries, desires, and motivations may creep up aggressively either from within or projected onto you. Major changes of old and deep patterns are being confronted, and courage is needed in the “letting go” process. Still, many may be feeling deeply triggered along the way into fear, anger, and just an overall need to assert oneself or else lose oneself in the chaos of it all. The confrontation to hold on or to let go is powerful this week, and the stakes can feel high with the personal choices at hand.

Next week’s Full Moon will bring more information into the light to understand further which direction is best as far as understanding what is truly important and what truly matters in your life. But, in the meantime, this week may feel like an erupting overflow of more and more to deal with as Jupiter continues to square the Moon’s Nodes. It’s certainly a time when life comes at us with a full dose of chaos, activity, and information.

Mercury goes retrograde mid-week in Aquarius and eventually enters back into Capricorn over the next few weeks. Where Capricorn establishes traditions and builds walls and foundations, Aquarius breaks them down and progresses forward into the wide-open expanse of the future. This combination playing out in all our lives and on the world stage looks a lot like a remodel. The demolition of the current outdated foundations must come first before the new ways can become a reality. However, the vision of what will be is the guiding force behind deconstructing the current reality in the first place. It’s a dance between what has been and what will become. The letting go and the establishing of the new.

Blessings on your path.

Jessica Dawn

Jessica will break down this month’s lunar cycle into weekly and daily aspects for students of the New Paradigm School of Astrology. It is a group of folks deeply interested in spreading awareness, healing, and harmony using the powerful medicine of star wisdom.

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