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1st Quarter Moon 02º Scorpio July 25, 2023


〰️ Masks off  〰️

Another huge week astrologically speaking, filled to the brim with inconjuncts and forces pulling in all directions at once, urging us to be flexible. Evidently, it takes some time to pierce the layers of denial, but the imbalances of the world are out in the open.

The plutonic vibe that accompanied the New Moon last week is continued in the first quarter phase through the Scorpio Moon and Pluto squaring the Nodal Axis, both birthing confrontational energy. There is no escaping the truth when it comes to Pluto, so we better prepare to walk around naked, masks off, never mind if it will cost us a relationship or two. Or maybe a job. Or a sweet illusion we held onto for dear life. Our values shift as Venus creates a powerful yod to Pluto and Neptune, confronting our fixed illusions and desires. It seems we all need to reevaluate what success actually means.

Ah well, better to walk around naked and raw than to carry the burden of lying. It might seem terrifying at first, but how on earth are we to create sustainability if we aren’t capable of being honest? We are in this mess because of the capacity to maintain a huge cognitive dissonance that extends to the top of the power hierarchies of the world. While the politicians nod politely while doing politics, a LOT of truth is lost in the process. That is the macro level of our reality. We, too, might have fallen for the temptation of compromising truth because we wanted something. And then we got that something, just to realize it wasn’t what we needed.

Take love, for example. True love relies entirely on honesty. And there is no coercion and manipulation possible in love. Love tends to evaporate like a long-lost dream once there is a projection going on, not just in romantic affairs but in all our relationships.

With Scorpio and Pluto, certain conditions need to be in place for trust to happen so that love can blossom. Love is non-dual. It can both be conditional and unconditional simultaneously, which might be both relieving and confusing for any Neptunian Idealist, swearing to the Lords of Time that unconditional love is the way forward. It is, and then, it isn’t. We ended up here because we missed this very particular mark, confused by the many ideals about what it means to be a good human being, and then observing a world where a small percentage profits from guilt and programmed inadequacy in which the good willed constantly get played.

It is evident why trust, reliance, and sharing are so tricky. But the future relies on our capacity to create sustainable relationships with each other. Better get to it, the future is awfully close.

The Sabian for the Moon: «Neighbors help in a house-raising party in a small village» is comparable to some sort of Burning Man project where we all make an effort to build something. It could also symbolize a creation of a persona. Jung would probably liken a house to an identity under construction, and the presence of «others» in this symbol suggests that we all create each other and help create the many Selves, hopefully for the better.

We would all like to be with those who strengthen the foundational rock we need to build our lives. Venus retrograde in Leo points to creating a solid sense of Self, and we need healthy boundaries for that. The condition must be to support, not to tear down.

The South Node of any sign is a burning ground of old patterns and habits that need purifying and release in order to be taken to a constructive level. The Libra South Node square Pluto in Capricorn reveals that the people-pleasing pattern has to be broken and replaced by the gift that moves through Aries: The courage to speak freely without needing any outcome.

What is balance, and what do we need to sacrifice to get there? These are relevant questions to ask right now. We need each other. And to establish a healthy sense of dependency, we have to know what our «yes» and our «no» are. We can’t be too passive.

So come back to yourself, traveler. The Sun in Leo asks you not to underestimate your contribution to the whole. Don’t feel inadequate. You are not. And from this point, start relating to the world and the people in it. Find your people and work towards the same goal. Build that house!

Sol W Jonassen

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