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1st Quarter Moon 27º Aries Jan 17, 2024


〰️ Set yourself free 〰️

This is a pivotal week indeed! The Moon is waxing, brewing, boiling, expanding, exploring, and expressing itself strongly while both the Sun and Pluto join hands and slide together into Aquarius. Not any old regular week, that’s for sure. When Pluto takes dominion, it is time to buckle up, strengthen our resolve, and make sure that we don’t let the fear in, allowing it to take precedence.

It is not an easy task as we humans have a powerful emotional body that feels everything, even when we are unaware of it, so it could be hard to master our reactions as the planets dance their passionate tango. However, letting our emotions surface, raw and naked, could prove valuable to us right now.

Pluto is the master of healing because it unearths the root cause behind our subconscious and unhealthy addictions. Addictions that sabotage us by motivating our choices. But if they stay hidden, we will never realize this. It needs to surface.

Pluto, being the ruler of Scorpio, has its natural polarity point in Taurus, and herein lies a clue as to what needs to be resolved before we are free from manipulations, either the ones we fabricate ourselves or the ones we are exposed to. Taurus is all about self-worth. Having a solid self-worth liberates us from unhealthy dependencies. Thus, the healing process of Pluto deals with the part of our psyche that needs a bit of boosting in order to be truly free and whole unto itself.

This week’s Sabian Symbol for the Moon works almost like a trigger to this process: «A large audience confronts the performer who disappointed its expectations.» This mirrors the whole «set-yourself-free»-healing of Pluto perfectly. If we are overly attached to what other people think and feel about us, then our resolve to do what we should do could weaken. «The audience» has expectations, and sometimes it is impossible to satisfy them. As Pluto would say: Giving away our self-respect and power would be the same as walking on thin ice. We never know when it will crack open and pull us under.

It is much better to work on being self-reliant and self-defining. The Aries paradigm that is now the North Node territory is all about knowing thyself, and often, the hardest lesson we learn is to be free from attachment to the reactions to our offerings. Sometimes, we will be applauded, and other times, booed. The mood of the audience is fleeting. At a quick glance at any media outlet, we find this vacillation between adoration and criticism. We put people on pedestals and then tear them down, even for minor mistakes or something silly, like wrong hand gestures.

This attitude also bleeds into our personal lives as we get disillusioned or disappointed with our lovers or friends and try to tear them down to get them away from our love and energy. Or it happens to us. The lowest expression of this is a vulture culture, where the hungry and empty feast on their idols. It is not dignified, but that is what culture is about and has been about for a long time.

For this entire lunar phase, Uranus, our beloved reformer, liberator, and rebel, will form a quincunx to the lunar nodes, further emphasizing the need to find freedom. The Moon will cross the North Node at the same time as the ruler of the South Node, Venus, will cross the Galactic Center. Relationships will never be the same again after this brush with Cosmos. The cycle between Mars and Venus that began on March 22 is now ending, and there will be a new conjunction between the Cosmic Lovers on February 22. Before that, there will be a whole lot of letting go.

We are very different as humans in terms of how we were brought up and our narratives, but to securely attach is where we are heading if we are ever to heal those wounds that arose from unhealthy attachment. Right now, we might realize that life is not a popularity contest and that we cannot always expect praise and support. To have the will to be authentic also means not everyone will love us. Thus, authenticity comes with a price that we have to be willing to pay. It means standing alone in certain cases.

If you abandon yourself, you perpetuate the wound. If you don’t, you heal. And right now, the cosmic juice will strengthen your resolve not to slide back into fear and get tempted to do so.

Sol W Jonassen

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