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1st Quarter Moon 27º Pisces Dec 19, 2023


〰️ Two steps forward, one step back 〰️

To maintain balance means to create balance, which isn’t the easiest art to master. For a couple of months now, the waxing lunar phase has been associated with the North Node in Aries and the waning phase with the South Node in Libra, and all kinds of boundary issues have come up for us to look at. We are building new boundaries to protect our needs, but it comes out raw and defensively because it is a new experience. And the waning phase and Libra energy push us to let go of the part of us that is pleasing itself through life. We are basically relationshipping left and right. It is experiment and experience.

In every relationship, there is a power balance. According to psychologist Esther Perel, there are three things we fight about. First is power and control. Who sets the premises, in other words? The second one is care and closeness. And the third one is respect and recognition. These three make up the balance in any relationship. Not just our personal ones but also in politics.

The North Node in Aries, lit up by both Chiron, gives us the impression that something needs to be done and that we need to be as self-reliant and independent as we can. Chiron in Aries deals a lot with the wound of loss of identity, and if anything, a toxic bond can compromise anyone’s identity. Once our core is denied, we become who we do not want to be. That compromise creates a powerful cognitive dissonance. And eventually, we end up not knowing what we want or who we are. Imbalance is a result. As the Sun crosses the Galactic Center for this first quarter square and the Moon is in Pisces, both offer an impression that the veils are lifted, and we get to inquire deeper into what motivates us to do so. What is always pulling us out of balance, and why do we keep returning to the same trouble again and again?

It is hard to let go of habits and yet harder to stay loyal to one’s priorities. Often, it feels so comfortable to just go with the flow and avoid the work of owning up or even getting to know who we really are.

The Sabian Symbol for the Pisces Moon reads as follows: «A fertile garden under the full moon reveals a variety of full-grown vegetables» which gives us some clue to a spiritual truth that could release a lot of love and gratitude for us now. Modern living is never enough. There is always something more to achieve. But this symbol shows a kind of culmination of understanding that a simple life is a good life. Perhaps the balance we yearn for requires us to let go of certain ideas and ideals that simply push us over the edge and into imbalance. The image is also about being creative. Do what we can with what we have and focus on building. The vegetables were grown. And that is a process. So again, the question would be: Where is it that we outsource our own needs and hope that someone else can «grow our vegetables?»

As the Sun crosses the Winter Solstice point and enters Capricorn, we are again reminded of what is in our lap and what belongs to others. With the correct responsibility, many problems can be fixed. All our struggles teach us something. We learn a lot, and even though not everyone has the privilege to say this, most problems can teach us wisdom and skills. There is something inherently strengthening with accepting responsibility. It makes us stronger on every level, and the imbalance of the world doesn’t compromise our happiness as much.

And as Mercury crosses back on the Galactic Center just before the Full Moon culminates, preparation meets opportunity. As we sift and sort through our priorities and realize what is of absolute importance, focus is restored. The clue is to say yes to the challenge. Capricorn is not playing around. This is where we are required to take our life, time, health, and talents seriously. So much brilliance is lost in doubt, and if we go back to the influx of energy that comes through the Libra South Node, doubt is precisely what we must overcome if we want to save some time and get to it. Capricorn is the Coach of the Zodiac. A good coach will always believe in you and think you can do it even if you don’t believe in yourself.

This is a proper threshold lunar phase. It’s almost like being awakened and baptized. Inspired by the Capricorn-Galactic Center and North Node in Aries-feel, we are crossing over into a new understanding, yet the waxing Moon phase and the South Node in Libra reveal that it is a dance. Two steps forward, one step back. This is a journey and a process, and you are learning so much every step of the way. You will end up being a veritable master of relationships and boundaries as the journey continues to unfold.

Sol W Jonassen

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