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1st Quarter Moon 27º Taurus Feb 16, 2024


〰️ Newfound love for life 〰️

Whereas the New Moon might have popped some of our illusions and left us vulnerable, this first quarter Phase is looking up, and even if we might not know entirely where we are going, the pruning process that has eliminated quite a few options and illusions now settles, and the path ahead is faced in a more mature, self-aware and conscious manner.

But before anyone can get to where they wanna go, they have to know what to avoid, and to do so, a level of doubt has to be transcended. The «yeah-but-no-but-yeah-thing» that keeps us in a stalemate happens when we try to see if there is any chance that something might work. We often try to make the shoe fit, yet, eventually, we realize that it doesn’t anymore, and finally, we accept this, be it a relationship, a line of work, our studies, daily routines, habits, or a spiritual lineage that we pursue.

Now that all the planets are in direct motion, it is a clear sign that whatever has been brewing on the inside is ready to come out. As Venus moves into Aquarius and crosses the Plutonian Threshold on her path, the shift of one’s values is subtle yet noticeable. No less than five planets will hang out in Aquarius for some days after the first lunar square, and before the Moon culminates with the Full Moon, Mars and Venus begin their new cycle at 07°12 Aquarius, urging us to move forward and keep focus on the things that really matters.

The Sabian Symbol for the first Quarter Square fits nicely into this planetary mojo: “A woman pursued by mature romance.» Now, that doesn’t sound all bad, does it? Some might think: «Finally!» This symbol points to a deep maturation process and to love as a result. Samuel Ullman, the American poet, said: «Maturity is the ability to think, speak and act your feelings within the bounds of dignity. The measure of your maturity is how spiritual you become during the midst of your frustrations,» and he is right. That is when we have sorted out our laundry and done the shadow work to the best of our abilities.

Then we land in a firm understanding of who we are, yet we acknowledge that we constantly evolve and that life then, naturally, is filled with perpetual new beginnings. So even though we might have felt dead inside, suddenly there it is again, this newfound love for life. Even after all the traumatic experiences we might have gone through, one day, the flame is rekindled. And this time, it is even more fabulous to say yes to it as we are one step closer to ourselves, and that which we attract is one step closer to us. Maturity allows us to accept that the workings of the unconscious create a lot of pain. When we take conscious responsibility for this, new experiences lie ahead, experiences based on joy and mutual appreciation rather than an instinctual pull towards procreation and security.

This new cycle between Mars and Venus, in very close proximity to Pluto, marks the end of a two-year cycle that began March 22, and it is, apart from being very juicy in terms of physical love, speaking about a process of unifying the masculine and feminine qualities within ourselves. The previous cycle also occurred in Aquarius, revealing a liberation process that we have gone through since then and that is now maturing into a firmer understanding and deeper insight into who we really are. This is a coming-out-of-the-closet-style conjunction, and metaphorically, we could be coming out of hiding and into a fuller expression. And that which is expressed is also manifested. To be able to say it out loud is letting go of fear of inadequacy, shame, fear of judgment, insecurity, or anything else that blocks our expression and creative capabilities.

Simultaneously, the tiny centaur, Chiron, who carries such an important message for humanity, is about to take up his rightful place in space, currently sniffing out the North Node in Aries. His story is about being human and spirit, vulnerable and strong, wounded and healed simultaneously. He bridges the path between Saturn – restrictions and karma, and Uranus – enlightenment and liberation. Through our deepest healing processes, we often become aware of what we need, who we are, and where our boundaries are.

Chiron in Aries is all about identity and healing our authentic selves. And once that voice is said out loud, it is definite. Now, the world will know who you are and what you stand for, and this will attract into your life the tribe that matches your vibe. Before this happens, creation will be blurry and unconscious, and you might say with dedication this time: Never again!

Sol W Jonassen

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