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1st Quarter Moon 28º Aquarius Nov 20, 2023


〰️ The yoga of life is returning to innocence 〰️

As the Sun and Mars enter a new synodic cycle in Scorpio, it also forms a square to the Moon in Aquarius, and the battle for liberation continues. The Sun conjuncts Ceres at the same time, and the doom, gloom, and tribal tensions that come with the Ceres territory are not to be mistaken. This archetype reveals where we are holding on to control and how obsessive thinking is born out of this need. This is the activation of the Solar Plexus, but the levelheaded Moon in Aquarius promises new perspectives to old problems.

As the week unfolds, the Sun moves into Sagittarius, shifting the energy into mutable waters. There will be less stubbornness, more freedom of expression, and hopefully, a more flexible and inquiring attitude emerges. The energy will change drastically as the ruling principle moves from Pluto (Scorpio) to Jupiter (Sagittarius). However, it should be noted that Jupiter is currently in Taurus, going retrograde, so the energy is still defensive and inflexible. Some attitudes are hard to change, as we have seen clearly over the past week.

It adds a fixed quality that will persist throughout the month of Sagittarius. And when Jupiter is retrograde, it becomes even more stubborn, holding on to what is deemed important, fearing the thought of letting ideas and convictions go, thoughts that alone could trigger massive angst. Our identities are resting on cultural and historical roots, and the wound of identity is currently coming into focus as Chiron in Aries is working behind the scenes. Who are we when we let go of our cultural identities and reach for an ideal that embraces a multitude? Ideally, everyone should be exactly how they feel they are, but Earth today is not ok with that. Still, people fight to defend their rights in the face of powers that aim to intimidate and suppress. And even eliminate.

Today, there are no nuances. Words are put in people’s mouths, and the art of listening seems severely underdeveloped. Many people choose not to say anything and then get slammed for not saying anything. But if they spoke, they might get slammed for what they said. Intimidation is often executed by those who claim freedom. They will not grant others the same freedom that they themselves want. Not only does this happen collectively, it occurs at the core of many personal relationships. Communication is not possible when projections happen, and as the energy shifts from Pluto-ruled Scorpio territory to Sagittarius energy ruled by Jupiter in Taurus retrograde, the need for survival can lead to defensive behavior. Taurus protects the land, the resources, and, at the very core, one’s identity. It is defensive because it is either threatened by strong players or is yet to be formed and is in a gestation phase—or both.

This is about core values, and the Sabian Symbol for the first quarter Moon sows a soothing seed of grounded peace: «A tree felled and sawed to ensure a supply of wood for the winter.» This is about being immersed in day-to-day life in a practical and dedicated fashion. As the Great Mother energy, Ceres is often upset when humans are too greedy. We don’t need more trees than we actually need, but human mentality has a way of preparing for disaster and stocking up on supplies. And take the neighbors’ trees as well. Gandhi said: «There is enough for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s greed.» Ceres would certainly applaud such a statement.

When Ceres is strong like it is now, it requires enormous faith and trust to let go. People often say that it is impossible to let go. Or at least it’s hard to do so. And that is correct. When there is no trust, there is no letting go either. Emotions overrule the mind in that case. Traumas hijack freedom, and sometimes, it is not possible to control the nervous system. It lives a life of its own. The yoga of life is about returning to innocence. This is the type of innocence that is not naive. After being screwed over enough times, the individual becomes defensive and self-protective. And isolated. Retaining trust in a world full of mistrust can feel counterintuitive. But it is about compassion and wisdom, about being awake and present, fully aware of the Other, yet at the same time keeping an open heart so that magic and life can be experienced once again.

Just because one apple is rotten doesn’t mean the whole basket is. And how do we note the difference? By being awake and aware. And by returning to our lives, the space where we can fell a tree and saw it, grounded in reality and our bodies. This is how life is continued. After the darkness of Pluto square the Nodes and Scorpio season, revealing so much tension in the underworld, it might feel like a breath of fresh air to concentrate on the mundane and focus on the routines of everyday life. It is time to chop wood and carry water. Keep on keeping on. Have faith, as the ancient ancestral wounds are bleeding, and the future looks uncertain.

Sol W Jonassen

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