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1st Quarter Moon 28º Cap Oct 21, 2023


〰️ Maintain balance when the ground is shaking 〰️

We are at the midway point on an ecliptic journey with a deep and serious undertone. The world politics playing out for the moment have us all sitting at the edge of our seats, feeling the incredibly fragile balance that our hopes for peace and love rest on. Because, and as usual, not all people seem to want peace and love. A quick internet search confirms that the world is boiling. It is overheated and agitated, angry and frustrated.

Yes, there are always numerous reasons for any action taken, and the issue of boundaries that come up with Libra is not to be denied. What is a good boundary for us may come off as unfair and unreasonable for others, but how these boundaries are set, whether calmly and peacefully or in a very defensive manner, matters for how everything else unfolds.

These are the territorial grounds of the Aries-Libra universe, and the last quarter Moon nested next to intense Pluto makes it painfully obvious that the scales can tip in any direction. This ecliptic madness has made an obvious point that balance is not easy to create. And with the Moon opening the last waxing phase before the Full Moon, there could be a feeling of a standstill as it is impossible to know what direction to take. Either seem to lead straight to a new imbalance or to unwanted consequences. There is a price for every choice, and if only we had the foresight to know what this one action would create, we would move forward. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, it’s hard to breathe, but perhaps there is an ounce of hope in the Sabian Symbol for the current Moon: «A woman reading tea leaves.» If only this woman of prophetic ability would show up on the world stage right now and sing it out loud like a strong diplomat would, ensuring that every side knows precisely how the order of events will go if restraint isn’t applied. “A is followed by B and then C, and then do the rest of the math!” she would say, tossing her hair in a dynamic fashion, caring less about people pleasing and more about telling the truth.

There is great hope in this Sabian Symbol that truth will penetrate the many defensive mechanisms that seem to pop up absolutely everywhere! This last week has been cookbook astrology. Let’s see. Pluto squaring the nodal axis from Capricorn reads: Ancient and ancestral energy needing healing. Chiron on the North Node in Aries: Hurts. Deep hurts from the past, never to be settled, always to be argued over. Righteousness and anger. Libra south Node ecliptic territory: Endless debates leading back to the starting point.

We astrologers should have seen it coming. And guess what? We did. Just check out the numerous astrologers who talked about Mars-Pluto and the eclipses in 2023. They are quite a few, actually. But the world rarely listens to the woman reading tea leaves. World politics aside, this symbol reflects an inner capacity to listen to some part of us that moves in higher realms. The world of intuition will finally free us from constant struggles with choices and options, dilemmas, and paradoxes. The intuition knows. It can see the future. Not every stone and rock of it, but it can see the landscape. The contours. But how do we know whether it is intuition or simply self-deception? Well, the intuition is not sentimental. There is clarity, and it is instant. It is impossible to manipulate intuition in the way one can influence one’s thoughts.

The endless churning back and forth, examining every possible outcome, and getting lost in a labyrinth could also come from a fear of making the right, but often the most difficult, choice. It is so easy to fall back on the same old, same old. It feels normal. Anyone who has gone a mile or two on the path to healing knows it is hard to make new neural pathways. The system: the body, mind, and emotion is used to what it is used to. It is hot-wired in us through our nervous systems, and when there is a need to change anything and do something new, the nervous system could flip out. Change is more demanding than repetition.

This is where we will, little by little, as this nodal transit unfolds, move deeper into our individuality, find the courage to listen to our intuition, and set things right again. What is fair for one could be unfair for another. But there is a middle point. One that includes all. It requires a more subtle awareness and a capacity to hold two thoughts in the mind at the same time. And this, I am sure, the woman reading the tea leaves would agree is a very good mindset to nourish in this last phase before the Full Moon. It is brewing. Now, dare to stand solid, present, and with agility so you can maintain balance when the ground is shaking.

Sol W Jonassen

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