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1st Quarter Moon 29º Sag Sep 22, 2023


〰️ Trust the spark of intuition 〰️

The first quarter Moon throws a little curveball to us after Cosmos has been juicing up on Neptune for a few days, and the veils between the dimensions have softened, making it difficult to decide whether someone said something or if it just happened inside our heads.

This New Moon talks about a journey deep into the vastness of consciousness, and whatever is found there could be so enticing that it changes entirely where the focus goes. Somehow, when the worlds collide, it is hard to focus on one thing at a time, and it doesn’t help that the Moon hits the Galactic Center, causing the eye of awareness to wander far away from the mundane. This might be just as well because the things we thought were important could turn out to be, in reality, distractions. And the so-called distractions could prove to be the most important experiences of our lives.

And just after this perfect cosmological and mystical storm, the Sun crosses the equator, also known as the autumnal equinox, and a new season begins. The Sun will then be in Libra, and we enter the nodal territory, which might prove quite educational in terms of life’s many intricate dilemmas, our inner need for balance, and the delicate balance we need to strike with others.

So we get a feeling that this first quarter phase of the Moon is urging us to focus on the inner essence as it will be important to remember for the days to come, and the eclipses of October are nearing.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 29° Sagittarius is «The Pope, blessing the faithful» adding a bit of high-energy spice to this exciting week. Again, the theme seems to be around listening to our higher consciousness when navigating life’s ins and outs. Just as the New Moon was around virtue and ideals, this first phase talks about some of the same. The symbol «a Pope» could be associated with The Hierophant or the High Priestess in the Tarot, figures somewhat dedicated to the deeper patterns of life, one using logic, the other intuition.

The hat, or Mitre as it is called, of any pope, or similarly the crown of a king or a queen, are both symbols of an open crown chakra. This particular energy center is connected to spontaneous enlightenment and direct authority. This chakra aligns all the other chakras and guides a human being to do the right thing and listen in to find answers. What we understand also determines our actions. Venus, now in her direct motion, will be making the third and last square to Uranus before the coming Full Moon, and we get an even deeper layer of what is going on in terms of our liberation and individuation.

But let’s not step into the unknown before we have checked the map, even if the urge for liberation makes us impatient. As this lunar phase begins with Mars being opposite Chiron in Aries, we have to understand that toxic masculine energy comes from a deep wound. And this wound is opening up right now. Chiron talks about the hamartia, the flaw of the hero. It could be hubris, projection, impulsivity, anger, and pretty much any state of fear leading to irrational and abusive behavior. It is strongly advised to be mindful and patient.

It could also be that at the crossroads between the past and the future, we are being confronted by the habits of the past and haven’t used the new potential yet, so confusion could arise. Even if we aspire to something profound and significant, a wounded Mars can wreak havoc on any good plan, and as the first square aspects revolve around a «crisis in action» we could be stuck in a deep philosophical maze where we don’t know whether to go left or go right. Or do nothing at all?

The answer rests in not being too focused on what the world thinks but in going inward and listening deeply to what is the right thing to do. High awareness means we become the leaders we seek in our lives. Nothing speaks freedom more than someone who has taken full responsibility and knows that the answer is clear as light and it is not the easy way out. It is the way through. So at this crossroads between the worlds, between the seasons, between the now and then, go deeper. Look within and trust the spark of intuition that flared up so clearly when you were dancing in the cosmos and peeking behind the veil.

Sol W Jonassen

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