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1st Quarter Moon 6º Virgo May 27, 2023


〰️ Have faith in the journey of expansion 〰️

Once every twelve years, Jupiter, the planet representing a perpetual outpouring of abundance and blessings, comes around to the North Node of the Moon, which symbolizes the highest path of potential ceaselessly guiding us forward.

That time is now! Jupiter and the North Node of the Moon are together at three degrees of Taurus. This is happening exactly this week, but the effects of this transit can be felt as a build-up of the past few weeks into an integration over the next few. Their meeting is about recognizing that a great opportunity is arriving; in Taurus fashion.

Taurus is all about the stuff we have, the stuff we want, and the stuff we’re made of. Taurus loves to hold on, get cozy with it, and often never let go! The power is in the devotion, the attention given, and the ability to commit and maintain connection throughout time. Sweet Taurus, oh, how they love! It represents reliability and consistency like thousand-year-old trees still standing.

As astrology illustrates the nature of polarity, Taurus’s opposite counterpart Scorpio, brings in the nudge to move, to change, and to release so that growth, transformation, and evolution can happen and, thus, a deeper connection. The downfall of Taurus is not allowing more in or more out (being fearful or withholding – love). Instead, they are so focused on self-preservation and securing themselves and that which they love that they can get stuck.

So at this time, while Jupiter moves through Taurus and opposes Scorpio, the message is about a deeper question. What needs to move out of the way or perhaps be removed from your life to allow space for the abundance, blessings, and wisdom to be received and experienced?

It is often up to us to let go of attachments in our minds and perspectives and allow what is already there to be acknowledged and received. Many of us live an abundant life of blessings, just waiting to be focused on and celebrated.

As both Venus and Mars, the symbols of the masculine and feminine and how we do the relationship dance, currently oppose Pluto, the intensity in our personal lives is at a peak!

Many of us are experiencing in our intimate relationships extreme conflict and contrast of desire and perspective. It’s a meeting of opposites, and the lessons are in how you will relate to that experience. Will you resist change? Will you withhold resources/love out of fear? Will you block the flow of abundance coming toward you? In what ways do you already do this? What will you let go of?

It’s Gemini Season, and the Full Moon is waxing towards Sagittarius. It’s a time to broaden your perspective, have faith in the journey of expansion, and trust in stepping out of the familiar and into the unknown. Blessings and great opportunities are on the other side.

With Jupiter, life is calling us to live bigger right now. To grow; beyond what may be familiar and therefore comfortable and learn how to receive more of what you need. To cultivate and be in a receptive state of gratitude and generosity of love is true commitment and devotion, like the thousand-year-old tree still standing.

Jessica Dawn

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