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1st Quarter Moon 7º Leo Apr 27, 2023


〰️ Who is the new you? 〰️

In the aftermath of last week’s powerful eclipse, which laid the grounds for a lunar cycle that will stir deep core issues, the ground under your feet might feel wobbly and the future uncertain. The Sabian symbol, «A Bolshevik Propagandist» for the first Quarter Moon is fitting for what is now needed. It inspires an image of an uprise as a response to change instead of being defeated.

It is claimed that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. And there is truth in this. Life is constant change and especially so in eclipse season. And there is no perfect preparation for change. It will come whether we like it or not, and often it comes out of the blue.

As the Sun crosses the same turf as Mercury retrograde and Uranus, we can feel the earth trembling. The tectonic plates of our lives are shifting. Slowly for some, brutally quick for others. In evolutionary astrology, we look at the different response mechanisms to change, which differ according to the level of awareness available. But the transits remain the same, and the current cosmic atmosphere is laden with opportunity for inner and outer growth, led on by need.

With Uranus deep into fixed sign Taurus, even the most stubborn attitudes must change, and this particular first square motion reveals that how we meet change is vital for the outcome. It is time to shake off the fear, be flexible, and focus back on track as soon as possible. The Leo Moon oozes a need to be creative, offering a realization that we are important and that life will prevail. The Pluto effect that lingers in the air is now counterbalanced by the powerful Leo Moon, reminding us that spirit will win over failure and loss and that avoidance never builds strength. Courage does.

Entropy is the word that science uses for lack of rejuvenation. When something is left untouched and in a passive state, the forces of nature simply deteriorate it. Blowing away with the wind, so to speak. The downside of Neptune is the lack of willpower to stand up and negate the effects of decay and negligence. As Saturn is singing loudly in the current cosmic choir, we are all called to maintain and uphold a routine and lifestyle that works. Anything neglected will surely cost us as the Master of Karma moves through Pisces, whose shadow aspect is naivety and ignorance.

The Sun and Mercury will cross each other’s lane at the inferior conjunction on May 1, and a piece of information that could soothe our fears might present itself. All we need is a new vision—something to replace the emptiness and void of that which has passed. Be on the lookout for those sparkling, new ideas, and stay flexible and open if you feel the urge to resist whatever needs changing. Entropy and stagnation are not options. Just going with the flow is not an option. This time requires conscious action based on a deep recognition of fundamental values and authentic needs. Needs and values that you are now becoming aware of.

Venus is waxing to a square with Neptune, not only blurring the lines between people but also opening the door to a deeper surrender. Magic can happen during this alignment, and the release of certain life goals that were more compensation for lack of self-worth than anything real can occur. Stuff none of us need to do or should be doing. Relationships could also go through a shift as our core values change. It is time to reflect deeply on what we value and then dedicate to that which is sustainable.

It is so easy to move with gravity and get sucked into the collective ocean of emotion. Still, with this particular lunar phase, the awakening to life, love, and willpower occurs no matter how many strange things we are being hit with. And whatever in your life is precious, don’t let it become a victim of entropy. Work on it.


Sol W Jonassen

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