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1st Quarter Moon 8º Gemini Feb 27, 2023


〰️ Be Justice, breathe Respect 〰️

The first quarter Moon at 08°27 Gemini ticks off a mutable energy that combines well with the trio in Aries: Venus/Jupiter and Chiron. This energy is all about survival and preparation. If our instinctual urge to be alert is balanced with the capacity to filter out illusion from the truth, we get a sense of personal empowerment with this waxing phase. The Sabian symbol for this Gemini degree is «A Quiver Filled with Arrows.» It is hinting to a Soldier that is alert, prepared, and ready to aim and shoot.

Gemini is all about the immediate surroundings, and even if we come packed with survival skills and the will to do what is needed, most of us try not to use our «arrows and swords» unless we absolutely have to. From the Tarot, the suit of swords represents air, and Mars, still in Gemini, rests well above the ecliptic at a staggering 25°N21’ (N for north). It is out of bounds when crossing its retrograde patch for the third time. Any planet that is that far south or north of the ecliptic is considered to have gone rouge. It doesn’t help that it is revisiting old grounds, stirring anger and frustration as he goes along, slightly hyper-reactive, multitasking numerous worries and safety needs.

And as we can draw from the wisdom of the Tarot and its correlation to the elements, a quick glance at the suit of Swords reminds us exactly how much words can hurt and how communication can go haywire when we are under pressure. Hasty decisions can cause hurts to others, but it is nearly impossible to consider all needs at once.

Communication gone rouge can end up being arrows to the heart, breaking us from within if we are not mindful. So many things could have been said better if the energy was less alert, hurried, and defensive, but Mars, being entirely driven by instinct, fires up a defense mechanism before logic kicks in. Besides, surviving takes up so much space in the head that sometimes we can’t hear anything because our head is already filled with too much.

Add the Sun going through Pisces, and the energy is reminiscent of speaking underwater. What goes out of the mouth and what comes into the ears can be two entirely different things. If the internet has taught us anything, is it that we should never, ever underestimate the will to misunderstand. We pick up energy with our solar plexus, it fires up our adrenals and boom! Emotions stir. Vigilant as if there was a war.

As a touch of grace in all this mutable chaos and trigger-happy Aries wildfire, Mercury starts off the period by being conjunct with Saturn in Aquarius, inviting us to be objective. It offers us somber and stoic perspectives. The empathic and sensitive Sun in Pisces also talks about being a tad less rough and an ounce more forgiving.

Unless, of course, we are on the more passive side of the spectrum, say sorry before even saying hi, and always play out the more people-pleasing Nice One. Then perhaps we will learn from the Soldier, stop making unnecessary sacrifices, or constantly consider other’s needs before our own. Life does not reward naivety, and knowledge is strength. People are who they are, and if unhealthy ideals come before actual reality, the result is a loss of power. This particular phase asks us to take good care of our own boundaries without being in constant fight & flight mode, sort out what belongs where and make sure that we are willing and ready to stand up for what is our birthright.

Our Lady Venus will not be too considerate to all kinds of whims and whiffs as she tosses her hair and walks unapologetically through Aries. However, there is a fine line between being too considerate and being way too inconsiderate. This balance can be hard to strike under the current cosmological weather.

We are all learning more and more about abuse and respect. We are now learning about justice in a way we never have before. But the trouble starts when expectations are unrealistic. People wait a lifetime for an excuse that never comes and might conclude that justice is not something we can always expect. The same goes for respect. Hurt people, hurt people, as the saying goes. But a free human, ready to enter the realm of love, will walk the long and often arduous journey to acceptance and will start being Justice, breathing Respect. It is hard not to bow to a human like that. On the verge of Pluto entering Aquarius, Human Being v. 2.0 is about to come alive and learning how to wield one’s sword and arrow is part of all that.

Walk with grace,

Sol W Jonassen

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