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1st Quarter Moon 8º Pisces Nov 30, 2022


〰️ Stay flexible 〰️

The first quarter Moon at 8°22 Pisces adds a solid dash of mutability to the already mutable astrological weather. Shifting tides and changing perspectives seem to be the norm, and whatever we intend to do, life might have different plans for us. The keyword is to stay flexible and awake and not hold too tightly to our preferred ideas and convictions but rather stay curious and open to what life has in store.

If we count in Ceres, there is activity in all four corners of the mutable cross. If we stretch our minds out of the everyday sphere for a moment and move along the more philosophical lines of the Sun in Sagittarius, we can appreciate the fact that mutable signs end a season before a new one begins with the crossing of the Sun over one of the equinoxes or the solstices. From astrology, we learn that mutability is about letting go, opening up for something new, and staying flexible as we release what needs to be released. Since the main focus is on Sagittarius, the quest for faith is heralded.

We search for a conviction or truth in Sagittarius, knowing very well that this power will keep us afloat in times of stress. However, for this particular phase, the ruler Jupiter now in Pisces is triggered by the Moon, inviting us to take a deeper look at our lives and how personal convictions, ideals, and illusions are constantly challenging truth. In other words, what is truth, and what is merely convenience, wishful thinking, or fear?

The story we tell ourselves might come to the conscious surface. Jupiter has been traveling directly for a week, revealing more as it is the third time he crosses those late degrees of Pisces. What was seemingly a perfect idea earlier this year might not feel so great right now, all depending on how the test of time has been working out. And a change of perspective requires faith. Think of it as having some sort of personal conviction that something is right for us and then suddenly discovering that it doesn’t really work unless there is a lie at the core. Truth is what works. Then there is flow instead of tension. Thanks to the South Node in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto in Capricorn, lying to ourselves is frankly out of the question, but it doesn’t mean that there are any suitable solutions in sight right yet, so we might hold onto it.

It could be that we feel an extreme need for freedom, for some kind of change, based on a truthful examination of our inner nature, but resources are limited, and duties hang high. Until Pluto dips into Aquarius this winter, we might feel stuck having to work out basic self-disciplinary tasks, familial obligations, economic challenges, work responsibilities, or health requirements. All these are, in one way or another keeping us where we are. So patience is required. The retrograde Mars is important in this larger picture. Here we are trying to figure out our breaks and gearshifts concerning the immediate environment. With Mars retrograde, it is either full throttle ahead or a complete breakdown, and the danger of going too far off in any direction is absolutely part of the current astrological zeitgeist.

Moderation is its medicine. Avoid going to any extremes. If you are feeling helpless or lost, remember tomorrow is a new day, and the psychological weather might shift. During this first quarter up until the full Moon on the 7th, there will be much focus on personal willpower and our capacity to ground deep into each moment. One day this, the other day that calls for a solid resolve to stay focused. Our ability to act swiftly without having all the details requires faith. So keep that flame of trust burning. And let’s listen with curiosity to what life now is telling us.

New visions are coming.

Sol W Jonassen

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