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1st Quarter Moon 8º Taurus Jan 28, 2023


〰️ What will you create? 〰️

We hit a crossroads at the first quarter moon, the mid-point between the New Moon and the upcoming Full Moon. It’s a pause (for a day or two) in the creative momentum that the waxing (growing) moon cycle presents. It’s a time to reflect, choose, and possibly reconsider which direction to continue focusing your precious energy towards. You are at the center. Will you choose left or right? Your fate and destiny await you either way, but the journey of each path will hold very different lessons. What will you create?

Look up! The reflective Moonlight is increasing and symbolically represents the same process underway in our consciousness. Seeds planted in the dark of the New Moon time sprout and awe us with their life force and creative potential. Likewise, is our own experience of ourselves. Seeds of consciousness grow from out of the unconscious and eventually express the full radiance of our becoming.

This week’s phase is part of the grander lunar cycle of the Aquarius/Leo Moon. Objective awareness, liberation, and creative expression are key energetics to tap into. What understandings have you realized that can potentially set you free? What of the past can you now release yourself from? What new direction will you embrace going forward?

The next Full Moon, in Leo, will offer you an opportunity to embrace your unique worthiness, if you so choose. Allow yourself to feel full of all the love and divine potential YOU are. Leo represents the King and Queen archetype and their inherent royal abundance. Leo is about honoring personal self-expression and the unique desires and creative purpose that is only you. It is about celebrating your specialness and the inherent joy and divinity at your access within you (if you so choose to play with it).

This week, in preparation for this full moon moment where you may take a toast to yourself, the Moon will lead us through the schools of Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer, where the archetypes of Destiny, Liberation, and the Warrior will be waiting for us. Reminding us that if you genuinely want to live free and in alignment with your deepest heart’s desire, there are things to let go of. There are things to be honest with yourself about and actions to take. Mars, the Warrior, always comes as a reminder that courage is essential to cultivate. And the will to fight for your right to have what you want in this life is strengthened each time you take a stand for your self-worth and value yourself.

We are human. We have all made grave mistakes in our weaknesses, inadequacies, naivety, and ignorance, but all actions are eventually accounted for. There is cause and effect to all acts, and on the karmic wheel, we pay the price or are awarded one way or another. However, during the hour of Leo and Aquarius, it is time to remember that we are not made of the inferiority of our mistakes and weaknesses but of love, and we can create and live from this place.

Cheers to you!


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