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1st Quarter Moon at 21º Sagittarius Sep 13, 2021

by Jessica Dawn

〰️ Heart Expansion 〰️

First Quarter Moons in a Virgo cycle asks us to take a step out and breathe into the expanse. Lift your gaze up from the specific details that may currently be fully engaging you and extend your arms out to embrace more of the unknown possibilities available. In other words, take a breather, get some perspective elsewhere from where you have currently been focused.

New Moon’s in Virgo can inspire us to be highly focused with our intentions to plant seeds of change and motivations to live better. To take charge of our lives once and for all and to get things under control already! It’s that time of the year where the essence of Virgo compels us to exercise more self-control, focus, and discretion. It’s a time to respond to our health concerns and day-to-day routines. It’s about getting more organized and cleaning up – inside and out.

However, at the quarter moon, it is precisely the mark where we can face a particular obstacle or challenge within the way we are acting, behaving, or going about our business. It’s time for an adjustment in the way we have been doing things and the key to your next best step may be in the very thing confronting you now.

As the Sun in Virgo comes into its yearly opposition to Neptune (in Pisces) this week, the very nature of our illusions, delusions, and dreams is highlighted. The power to create reality and manifest our dreams is indeed ours. However, what we make of this ability, how we contend with the consequence, the results, and the profound effects we each have upon each other is what makes this world go round – for all of us.

We are the co-creators of reality. We can become divinely inspired, chase dreams, get lost in illusions, and be deceived by delusions. We can become heavily invested in the meaning we give to our dreams as well as lose sight of all meaning at all. We can become ungrounded and tap into the multidimensional or be so firmly tethered to the physical that we miss the signs and messages as they pass by us in the wind.

The Sun opposite Neptune reveals the dichotomy of being a spiritual being with infinite potential while existing in a 3-D world anchored in the physical. We are bound by limitation, yet we contain the power to move beyond our wildest dreams and harness the divine, experience miracles, and shift from living one life story to another in an instant.

This week may feel a bit mysterious, wonderful, chaotically absurd, and quite possibly devastating to the ego on many levels. However, the potential for incredible heart expansion and wildly dreamy experiences are also likely.

With Venus now in Scorpio, you can expect some of your deepest relationship dynamics to surface boldly. It’s here that we confront our soul mates and meet with the depths of our own souls. Scorpio takes us down to the bone and lives to experience the passions and intensities of the psyche and the body. It’s all about feeling, being, becoming, transforming, uniting, merging, dying, and birthing! It’s raw and real and a little bit scary at times! With Venus in Scorpio, Love is escorting us down into the underworld to meet with some skeletons in the closet. Prepare for some honest truths and shocking reveals!

As Venus comes into a square with Saturn this week, the relationship strains and challenges that are coming up may reflect remnants from experiences that were playing out for you back in July when the opposition between Venus and Saturn occurred. This aspect represents a key point in the cycle where the next phase of resolution is ripe, and it’s time to face the next level of what needs to be addressed and resolved. Think back to July for clues around what may have been happening then that has come back around.

As Mars enters Libra this week, here is another energy that is strongly “relationship” focused. Libra as an air sign is very much about the mind and sharing perspectives, ideas, and opinions. This energy can offer a bit of a diplomatic and neutral approach as we navigate the depths of relationships and attempt to keep the peace and harmony.

Jessica Dawn

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