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I had fun and learned by doing this video and hope that you do, too.  I take Jupiter-Pluto transits to Moon-Mars natal planets.  So pull out your charts if you don't know them by heart, note what transits are hitting you this year and you can jump around the vid and go straight to your personal stuff, or listen and learn about the planets in general!  Whatever!  Hope you enjoy and Pura Vida!

7 thoughts on “2017: The End of Illusion and Profound Revelation Part Three

  1. Wow.. thank you Kaypacha. Looks like my Sun Moon and Venus are the biggest players this year with a sprinkling of Mars and Mercury in these transits. I appreciate your wisdom. This information is so very valuable! This year is an adventure! Blessings and gratitude.

  2. Thank you so much, Kaypacha. It is really helpful to understand all these energies, particulary in my own birthchart Nov/66, but also in others… its all about wounds in these years. sometimes we could go crazy, but this astrology is an amazing medecine, and also, like you said, the connection with spirit brings the peace in mind. Namasté.

  3. Gratitudes! Thank you for sharing this New Year chart with visual flow chart extraction. Awesome practise/education … Teaching a utilitarian way to grasp the new year and how the significant planet transits play out educational opportunities.
    Hope to try/ practise this with ink…..Wonder …FUll !

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