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Here is Part Two of 2017: The End of Illusion and Profound Revelation!  I take a quick look at what is happening for each of the rising signs and hope you like it!  I will put together part three about planetary aspects as soon as I can.  Happy New Year and may astrology be a big part of it!

So Much Love,

12 thoughts on “2017: The End of Illusion & Profound Revelation Part Two

  1. well Pluto is in my 10th house along with Uranus ,Mars jupiter and sth node of the moon- aye currummba! I feel this year I am going to co create something really strong I feel like this is a big year , So i am excited at the same time I have joined the que for a reading from you coz I feel like there is a niggle of something.(although i think i have to wait 3 months)Anyway mahalo for a great part 2 with giggles and insights . so much love

  2. Dear Kaypacha,

    My Ascendant is Aries. Thank you for this satisfying reading. I look forward to this year. The Spirit is taking the scales off my eyes..and my heart.

    you are one of life’s joys,


  3. Thank you Kaypacha for this! Taurus rising and what you said makes sense to me and going to use this valuable information as I move forward into 2017.

    Sending you and yours the best from Ireland,
    Eva xX

  4. I have Capricorn rising, and oh what a year to come. I am living in Costa Rica, and am feeling called to share PanEuRhythmy on the world stage. I first learned it at the Gaia Mind project in 1997 at the University of Peace. It is a gift from the higher realm to help raise consciousness AT THIS TIME. Consider is a form of Meditation on motion. It IS TIME to evolve, and this dance can help facilitate the evolution. It looks like my travels will have me in Mexico, SW USA, and Spain this year and Si Dios Quiere….Bulgaria in August. I don’t teach PanEuRhythmy, I help your SOUL remember it. Pls let me know if you’d like to arrange a soul group, to remember…..

  5. Yes… This was an excellent exercise for recall and moving to the analysis stage. Interestingly, my husband and I both have Virgo ASC. Even though we express ourselves differently, he is as interested in moving in the same reinventing and spiritual work. Good year for it, wouldn’t ya say?

    Looking so forward to part III, Kaypacha, as well as an upcoming webinar!!! :-^D

  6. Thank you Kaypacha!
    As a Cap rising with Pluto transiting my Cap Sun this year, I am grateful for your wisdom. Indeed, this is an intense time of self discovery. Whew!
    Blessings and Gratitude

  7. Wow, amazingly awesome how the system works on the rising signs like that – absolutely love it! ❤

    Thanks so much for this Kaypacha! Great how I watched it in late September too, matching the sync timing of the report! Hehe! 😉

    Loving the planetary mobile appearance at the beginning of the vid. Where can I get one from? 🙂

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