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I'm old enough to see my fear,
And not let it hold me back,
For I have seen the power of love,
Pull a rabbit out of the hat.

The cost of liberation is simply our fear.  The choice so often is between love and fear.  To let go of our fear requires knowing (beyond belief and hope) that we are an integral component of the matrix of all life, and that as such we can not "fall out" or be left behind.  Spirit has our back, and love is the means by which Spirit accomplishes what appears as magic in this 3D reality.

During times of stress and fear it may be helpful to look back (both Pluto and Saturn now retrograde) over our lives and remember those magic moments when unbeknownst to us and not due to our efforts, beautiful and amazing relationships, ideas, or events just happened in our lives. Simply witnessing the miracle of birth is enough to remind us of the complexity, intensity, and infinite power of Source.

So relax, know, feel, and see.


8 thoughts on “May 2, 2018 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Yes yes yes! I listen every week. It seems like you’re getting clearer and finer as the shit of Truth hits our cosmic fan! Gracias.

  2. Love it! I actually dreamt of my dragon on full moon night and he was sensually biting me. When it got to much where it felt he wanted to eat me I intuitively told him to calm down. I said if you want to taste me for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day then you should not eat me . He listened and didn’t eat me but tasted me some more.
    Thank you

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, insight and spirituality with us each week. I think about what you say; I carry it with me. I am a student of life and you have become a significant teacher on my path. (I am a teacher in the dysfunctional public education system and try to stand in my authentic truth each day in this role.) Blessings to you on your way.. So much love!

  4. YEs, Mallorca. . I have been 3X .. months at a time. .thinking of returning this summer. I need new place to stay this time. Thank you for you report. Hope to meet you in Cali this time.

  5. Thank you! Lovely as always.. People complain? What?
    Capricorn girl here. Much love, Anahita Bird

  6. Ô wow! Now I see/feel why I am trying to learn more EA trough yr teachings instead of choosing a french environnement teachings platform … It is because of the attraction I feel towards You & the Dream Team members as well…. I feel how yr smile is acting like a fertilizer fr my blooming & blossoming… It is crystal clear that was needed fr me in order to go back to my old dream, gift & passion that I’ve been forced by uncontolable forces to put aside , in order to live many more deep experiences trough the process of creating/ achieving/processing/registering the knowledge & wisdom gain from all this chaotic adventures… at one point I thought perhaps I could learn enough & use astrology with my own creatures/sculptures/totems … Lol ‘innocent foolish thought of me’ when in true it was more the happy feelin to watch you that I needed in order to regain the trust in my own creative path, no matter of what or how my Dragon may be interpreted by old conditionning in others minds consciously or not… I know my inner position in life , Love, Laugh, Rejoycing, Forgiving,Learning, Skills Honing are my basics, even if I had a ‘miserable life’ & ‘uncurable ‘ health issue called a neurogenic claudication ( I had a double back spine surgery L-4 -L5 S1 to put me able to walk but the pain never ceased) that prevents me from doing alot of things… I can not run jump or climb steep mountains & like making love sexually with a partner is friggen rare since numerous years now , I could not heal & go back to work cause I always had to move to another appartement always for beeing at risk of a major health crisis/issue du to the chaotic environnment… ( having Nept conj Venus in Sc 4rtH means a lot of unstability in home env hey… ) Well this is one of the Major theme of my life … Anyway Ty sooooo much fr the re empowerment by liting up the fire of my passionate creative soul intention… Enough fr now xox ( your smile wooouh 😀 ) Side note :On my obituary we could be written she was a kind of a little weirdo she also had only two speed slow & stopped , physically & mentally … 😛

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