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All About Cancer this Sunday with Kaypacha!

🕒 Sunday January 10, 12pm PST = 3pm EST = 9pm CET

Hola Initiates!

I hope you are faring well and better than well if possible! Quite the hectic week with another one coming up ahead. As I mentioned in the report, the new Moon next Tuesday will be a humdinger and set the tone for a humdinger of a month. I’m hoping the next one after that (in Aquarius) will usher in some more positive vibes. Let’s see.

In the meantime, let’s get together this Sunday! While we’re mostly all still in lockdown, let’s chat “All About Cancer.” We’ll do it at our usual time, 12pm PST. Below is the Zoom link, and I hope to see your smiling faces then!

So Much Love,

🕒 Sunday January 10, 12pm PST = 3pm EST = 9pm CET

Click here to see the time in your area. We’ll be sending out the recording for those who can’t make it.

To Join the Zoom Meeting AT THAT TIME:

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