Cusco, Peru

There is no doubt we are emerging out of patriarchal, hierarchical socio/cultural/religious conditioning, but what are we emerging into? Do we throw out everything and start from scratch, or are there ancient wisdom teachings from indigenous cultures that can serve to reawaken a consciousness of the connection between ourselves, mother nature, and father sky? Kaypacha and New Paradigm Astrology say there are, and this week-long immersion bringing these buried treasures to light will prove it.

As Jupiter emerges out of the underworld of Scorpio and into the fires of Sagittarius, we too may rise and expand our consciousness with a greater understanding of the natural laws underpinning all evolutionary processes. We can also learn rituals, ceremonies, and meditations that give us profound, immediate, and lasting connections to the spirit world where the future lies awaiting our recognition and co-creation. Join us on this adventure into both ourselves and nature in order to learn, communicate, and more fully unite with the powerful web of life!

In addition to visiting sacred sites and holding ceremonies with local shamans, Kaypacha will bring astrological teachings, kundalini yoga, and breathwork techniques designed to open your consciousness, heart, and soul. Creating a group container, we will invoke the spirits to join us, teach us, and nourish our souls. You will return from this inner and outer journey renewed, inspired, and empowered to manifest the visions you shall receive.

Let’s make it happen!