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I know I'm being smothered when,
I have to gasp for air,
That's when I need to summon the strength,
And speak my truth loud and clear.


Yes indeed, the time has come!  We have all been under a lot of pressure and the pressure cooker is about to blow!  You may have been feeling dutiful and persevering through the challenges lately, however, with the New Moon this weekend it will become clear whether this has been in or out of alignment with your unconscious soul evolution.   


It's been a wonderful time to objectively view our life situation and reflect on ouor deepest goals and desires.  Now, as Mercury turns direct we will naturally desire to speak out, reach out for the new, and get out of any ruts we may have dug for ourselves.  The trick now will be to do it gracefully rather than blasting, shocking, and destroying too much in the process.  A true balancing act between meeting your own and others needs.  
Good luck!


4 thoughts on “April 11, 2018 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Self-destruction here at the end.
    Cannot bear to be in my skin.
    So death is a condition for life?
    Who knew nothing could make me wise?

    Watch Rocket Man, tears in the bath.
    Cannot leave them and follow my path.
    Destroyed to go, destroyed to stay.
    Always reason in the way.

    Body clearly outta control.
    Nothing seems to make me whole.

    No air, no space, on this plane.
    No room to be, so be insane.
    Maybe lose my mind
    Maybe find my way.

    • How do you know
      If you are destroyed to go?
      If you stay and are dead,
      To that you are wed.
      Change course,
      Get a divorce….
      (Maybe figuratively speaking…I dunno.But it worked for me….to end the misery…courage to you )

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