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Great Spirit states: "It's time to change,
Not superficially rearrange,
But to dig beneath the surface and the new,
To the fear that is gnawing away at your root."

I'll bet you know what I'm talkin' bout! There's the old saying about not wasting your time rearranging the furniture on the Titanic, it's about looking at the big picture, the greater reality of your life, the meaning and purpose of your existence more than the petty little BS. Sometimes Life shakes us up a bit so we pull our heads out of cyberspace and get real with ourselves.

This is one of those times, to stop, hey, look around. Who are you really? And is what you are doing the best version of, the most, you can possibly do/be? Are you selling yourself out? Because maybe your afraid? Afraid of what? Sit in that fear, feel it, and let it show you just what you need to do.

Yup! That's right! Sun/Uranus in Aries says it's time to do what you are afraid to do! Not necessarily this instant, as in knee jerk reaction, but pay attention, feel it and see it inwardly and move toward it, facing the fear and ultimately you will liberate yourself from that fear (as well as what was holding you back). Injoy!

8 thoughts on “April 12, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Thank you so much for this report, has put things into perspective and I have a better understanding of the chaos been feeling lately, over-reacting and feeling like escaping everything RIGHT NOW! Need some saturn maturity and a long term plan!!! Blessings…

    • I only wish to express how much I appreciate your magical genuine brilliant nature, you speak in such a way that your ideas are easy for everyone to understand and therefore simple to grasp and ingest and reflect on and then apply…your authentic offering is truly mysteriously wonderful…you magically speak to exactly what needed to be spoken to…thank you…merci πŸ™‚

  2. Spot on for the three day rule. Was just to dich my inhertance becauce of never gettin a dime for even foodshortages and abow that nasty critisism for beeing poor aso. But suddenly it was the little me kicking back. I wont ditch the inheritance though it feels embarrassig and shameful. ill just chew it up, spitit out and then go and by heater!
    Thanc Kaypacha for saving the show, you might even get acommission if the money finally trickels down! Cheers!

  3. Dearest Kaypacha I’ve been watching your Pele reports for about 6 years…your astrology is very sound, cutting edge infact…This report had gifted me with something I have longed to understand…its Easter and as you know the ancient Babylonian Goddess Ishtar celebrated this powerful significant time as well. Ishtar Easter sounds similar hmmm! Venus in Aries in the underworld hasn’t happened at Easter for 8 years heralding a new cycle…loved what you said about the Christ consciousness so appropriate now as even the Greek Orthodox and regular Catholic’s coincide this Easter festive ritual …however the true Easter was the full moon on the 11th April as you may already know… an old alchemical adage says “any egg laid on the Easter full moon never goes rotten”…thus promising eternal life.Chiron and Christ to name some of our great teachers…surrendered into the underworld to give up their immortality.Your teaching about connecting with the lower chakras… didn’t know that Uranus Saturn and Pluto co rule the base chakra…facing the fear…its ok to feel fear……feel and fear are ok…how I love your teaching Kaypacha I think you are a modern day prophet…thank you for all that you do…with so much gratitude respect and blessings…Love Diana xx

  4. Wow!! As I sit here, I am feeling the fear of losing my husband, my home, my income, and if I’m not careful, my health. It is shaking me to my core, but to hear you say that I can let it show me what I need to do is so powerful. I’m embracing the shake and transforming the fear into cheer! Thank you, Tom! Namaste. <3

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