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April 14, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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My strength comes from knowing,
I’m connected to all life,
A tapestry of diversity,
Into which I am woven tight.

Hola Ram/Bulls!

We’re on the cusp! From Fire to Earth, like comets shooting from outer space to crash land, shake up, wake up, and in some ways tear up the existing situation. We should be seeing some more fireworks as the Sun/Mercury conjunction on Eris gives voice to her rage at any and all injustices. There’s a lot of BS flying around these days, and the goddess whose job it is to smite “those who have broken their oath” may have a busy schedule ahead of her.

And whether or not we see it in the outside world of media, we may need to stand up for ourselves in our personal world, life, and relationships. It may be a weekend for the “unpleasant conversation” or the “inconvenient truth.” You may need to deliver some unwanted truths to others, and you may receive some yourself. If you can remain cool, calm, and observant, there are great teachings available. However, we can expect that many who are emotionally triggered may not. So some sparks will fly somewhere!

From what I am experiencing personally, there are a lot fewer sparks flying than I would hope. I’m seeing so many people bowing down, following orders, and doing what they’re told that I’m wondering if it is a lack of will, a lack of knowledge, or just avoidance. My feeling is that those in power are seeing just how far they can push it and how much people will bend to their orders. This is in preparation for further additional orders coming around six months from now when Saturn comes back for his third pass square to Uranus. If there’s no rebellion by the end of the year, the opportune moment for liberation may pass. Let’s see!

I’m cruising on up through Oregon now to see the state of affairs in this region. It’s beautiful springtime, as you can see from the opening pic of the Pele Report. A true time of blossoming. I hope you blossom unfettered by any external limitation/suppression and burst forth into mighty self-expression!

My strength comes from knowing,
I’m connected to all life,
A tapestry of diversity,
Into which I am woven tight.

So, yes, indeed, the stronger the light, the darker the shadow, AND VICE VERSA. The farther down the rabbit hole, the greater the opportunity for “advanced soul work,” leading to profound self-realization. We are deeply challenged in oh so many ways, as I spoke of in this video with the discovery of Eris reflecting our readiness, on a collective soul level, to uncover, deal with, integrate, and heal on ever-deeper levels of our psycho-spiritual nature. 

Therefore, as astrologers/researchers, the key to this time is to observe and note what new strengths and awareness are now needed/developing to deal with the current threats to our existence, freedom, and expression? What “muscle” is getting tugged, pulled, or needing strengthening? At least for now, I’m going to say it is brazen self-confidence “for no reason.” It’s not about needing to produce or needing to justify, or needing to prove ourselves anymore, but more about boldly putting ourselves out there “just because we are/I am.”

That’s the Aries/Taurus in us so let’s do it!  

So Much Love,

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  1. Tara April 18, 2021 at 12:15 pm - Reply

    Thanks again Kaya for a poetic, inspiring and sensitive astrology reading.
    And Yes, the duck was pure art. How lucky we are to live upon this earth!
    So much love

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