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April 17, 2019 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

April 17, 2019 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast


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I’m done with dreaming and spacing out,
I gotta get down to work,
‘Cuz I want to see, touch, taste, and feel,
A whole new planet earth.

Whew! After over two months of Mercury in dreamy Pisces, he emerges along with Venus into Aries to get the ball rolling! But alas, who do they meet? Chiron! Chiron wants to make sure they are deeply aligned with soul intention before doing anything… so there may be another bit of a slow down as our ship is trying to set sail.

However, that coupled with a normally impatient Sun/Uranus conjunction could even out to some very deep, enlightening, perhaps genius, initiatives. All in all, it is looking like a pretty darn good week here with some high energy coming from the Full Moon Friday setting the stage for some yummy intimacy through the weekend. Injoy getting vulnerable, opening up, and discovering some new things about yourself, your desires, and passion too!

So Much Love,

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