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April 19, 2023 Astrology Forecast

April 19, 2023 Astrology Forecast

This is not the only plane of existence,
As I am more than this.
And just as appearances can be deceiving,
So are the measures of success.

Hola New Paradigmers!

I’d like to expand on the themes discussed in this week’s lunar planner and today’s Pele Report. Because, indeed, this powerful, emotional total Solar Eclipse does signal a new beginning, especially in the last degree of Aries. However, keeping the Sabian symbol in mind and knowing Saturn is in Pisces, it has to be taken in context.

The context is one of realistic (Saturn) dreams (Pisces), or should I say “limited.” As the sign of multidimensional, limitless, infinite reality, Pisces has difficulty coming to terms with Saturn’s 3rd-dimensional time/space boundaries. Or should I say it’s the other way around? We can have trouble narrowing our limitless imagination into practical, realizable goals, expectations, and desires! The key to not experiencing disillusionment is accepting that which we can and cannot control/affect – knowing the size of our “duck pond,” referring to the Sabian symbol for the degree of the eclipse.

The universe gives us control (consider it a gift) of what we are evolutionarily able to manage “properly” given our state of maturity, experience, and skill. No more and no less. It is in mastering what we have that we are given more. Rather than reaching outside our current reality, Taurus reminds us to focus on what we do have, develop it, grow it, and shape it like a potter at the wheel, preparing it for the kiln and eventual use.

Everything we need is available for our growth and self-discovery in exactly the state we find ourselves in. Whether it is our relationship, financial condition, health, or business, the more we listen inwardly to the guidance of our own soul body, the more we will know what needs to be fed and what needs to go. So this inward journey that the north node in Taurus is asking us to focus more on the gift of what is than the vision of what may or may not be coming.

So, speaking of what’s coming, I’ll be doing some healing journeys in Greece next month and more in Spain this September! If that’s too far for you, consider some healing with the dolphins in the Bahamas! Check my page for all my workshops, with more to come.

If you’re unable to travel and interested in unraveling the mystery of your relationships, consider my online course The Astrology of Relationship. No matter what duck pond you find yourself in, astrology holds a deep understanding of the forces at work and the purpose behind the experience. Check it out!

Lastly, if you can’t do any of the above but want to dip your toes in the ocean of cosmic star wisdom, try my online School of Astrology!

And if you can’t do any of that, take a long walk by the river, sit, contemplate, listen to your body, and ask the stars for guidance. They’re always there!

This is not the only plane of existence,
As I am more than this.
And just as appearances can be deceiving,
So are the measures of success.

I think it is mainly the result of slick advertising agencies that “big is better,” “more is better,” and “even more is better than” that has become the measuring stick for “success” (which I think has gone through a few redefinitions itself). If you look at it, it is amazing how pliable and changeable “reality” has become and is increasingly becoming. They changed the definition of “vaccine” and continue to change definitions of other items/words to roll out a “new reality.”

“More” is a Jupiter word, as Jupiter has to do with all things expanding. As the principle of expansion, Jupiter is balanced by Saturn, the principle of contraction. We are now closing a 29-year cycle of Saturn that began in 1996 when Saturn entered Aries and will complete in 2026 when he enters Aries again. This is a time of letting go of old forms of security and dreaming new dreams.

It’s interesting that Jupiter just began a new 12-year cycle of expansion as Saturn is still closing his. So we have new doors opening even as old doors are closing. Let’s watch carefully where our FOCUS (keyword for this eclipse) lies and not overly attach to what’s leaving OR coming! I think it’s better to stay in the now. Like sitting on the bank of the river of life and watching it come and go, such is life. That’s not to say don’t jump in once in a while and get wet either, just don’t drown in it, LOL!

This week’s song, Watchin’ the River Flow.

So Much Love,

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