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April 21, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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I can project,
And live outside myself,
Or take responsibility,
To build more health and wealth.

Calling all Bulls!

The bull has long been a symbol of fertility. The Sun transiting the sign of the Bull signals a good time for all of us to feel the powerful life energies surge up within our bodies, ready to create something real, something tangible, something powerful. Something new. Particularly this year, as the great innovator Uranus will be sending lightning bolts of rebellious, “I’ve got to be me,” blasts of energy our way. Rather than be surprised and shocked at how crazy and unpredictable the world, the government, the financial markets, the cost of living, or Bitcoin is, it behooves US to be the disruptors, the initiators, and the inventors of a new way.

As the Sabian Symbols depict, my feeling is that rather than get caught up in the frenzy of “madness” going around these days, it’s better to sit still (I couldn’t leave the river after the Pele Report!), breathe, listen, center, and surrender to the messages rising from within your soul. These Sun, Mercury, Venus conjunctions to Uranus squaring Saturn reflects the necessity we may all be feeling to step further into SELF-determination rather than waiting, following, or being pushed. I urge you to trust the downloads you are receiving now as they are coming directly from your potential future self and calling you forward to a new liberated, more enlightened expression of that Self!

Perhaps the powerful urge to get your beautiful self down to beautiful Costa Rica is also welling up with your soul! We are ON with “The Saturnian Reality of Creating a New Uranian Paradigm” workshop! Despite what erroneous (or manipulative) information may be getting promulgated out there, my sense, and the astrology that guides it, is that the planet and life are safer than many believe. Our mother planet is far more stable than the minds of those who seek to dominate it. I hope you are not fooled. May you dig deep within your soul to realize your highest personal destiny, which only you can create and summon the power from within to do it! Blessings!

I can project,
And live outside myself,
Or take responsibility,
To build more health and wealth.

Welcome, Taurus with Uranus riding the bull! In merging all the different aspects and cycles interweaving together at this time, I am both excited for profound revelation and realizing the need to surrender and allow it to arise within me instead of chasing/hunting for it. The seed from Aries is now planted in the soil of Taurus and needs to be allowed to grow… not pushed.

While it’s not time to push, it’s also not time to be pushed! We need to protect and nurture the seed of new beginnings, meditate upon and listen to the origins of our desires, and ask them to show us the way. We need to trust that the path will be revealed at the right time and stay the course that has been begun. The pull of the past might try to slow, stop, or hinder the unfolding of the new you. Don’t let it. Other’s may act as agents of the past, scolding, holding, or trying to control the new emerging you. Don’t let them—time to dig in those hooves like a good bull and be strong.

You have a name, you have a song, and you have a dream. Be that. Blessings.

So Much Love,

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