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Tremendous power can be,
Used for you or for me,
But when put together,
It works so much better,
As you and me become we.


We have tremendous power at our disposal as Mars comes into conjunction with Pluto.  Occurring within the Moon cycle begun with a Sun, Moon and Uranus conjunction in Aries (becoming full in Scorpio this Sunday), we also have tremendous freedom to use that power however we see fit.  Freely choosing to unite together for the common good can promote long lasting unions, structures, and agreements that foster love and well being for a long time to come!

Simultaneously, as Pluto represents the evolutionary force, this energy is also asking each of us to "raise the bar," let go of old conditioning and limiting character traits/habits in order to truly BE the best version of ourselves.  Now more than ever we have the cosmic underpinnings to turn over a new leaf.

May you continue to bloom and blossom!

2 thoughts on “April 25, 2018 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Awesome Kaypacha! I have a huge smile on my face after listening to you this week – and, as always, it all makes so much sense. Thank you x

  2. Please, note that if I shared the link about Pageau’s brothers , this was not implying that I suscribed to their neo orthodoxy ‘plan’… I just really Love Jonathan’s art works, & the way they share their knowledge on understanding things deeply on the symbolic level… I am far from beeing willing to join any church… anyway my body does not allow me to be on my knees… ( What I appreciate in temples is the art works & genius made by all those people, these constructions have been the butter & the bread of so much high skilled workers, I honnor that; but as soon as I am entering ina church I am feeling cold, weak & unexplainable feeling of oppression, The ‘worst’ place was the Vatican … I almost vanished there ;I could not get to the catacombes I had nightmarish visions.. so I sat & wait fr the students group to come back, I was 14 yo )

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