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The search for deeper meaning,
Now occupies my soul.
It calls me to dwell in the subtle realms,
That the mysteries of life I may know.


First things first - Check out Mona Valenas and her work at Oh yeah! Now, as for the astrology of these days, it's important to manage the energy, our energy, very consciously these days, eh? There's a lot of different places it can go and some of them will dissipate your vitality, drain your resources, and distract you from what truly gives meaning and significance to your life. It may be easy to get caught up in the drama to the point of missing the show!

The upside to this as I see it, and the mantra is all about, is that the mysteries are revealing themselves to us now in the most subtle, and sometimes obvious, ways. The natural laws and Divine intelligence that is always there can guide our decisions and actions as well as heal our wounds and issues lingering from the past. If we don't allow ourselves to be fooled by the appearances or mental gymnastics we can see through the people and life situations in a super clear way. Wishing you one breakthrough after another!

7 thoughts on “April 27, 2016 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Greetings, my name is Carly and i was born July 31 1977 at 9pm. Would u be able to do my astrology chart ?? If not i know your busy so no hard feelings. Thanks in advance for whatever you can do Kind regards Carly

  2. Well…now I know why I want to go nap. Thank you for your informative, humorous report as always.

  3. Thank you soo much for your report !! More than other times i cried through this one ..finding it soo comforting that i’m not weak hiding from the world at this moment ..trying to find my strength and dwelling in my emotions …you’re words conform me doing the healing for self and getting stronger …soo much love <3

  4. Sat chit ananda… Nimble Special K’ Brother Kaypacha ! 🙂
    Congrats on Npa’s 1st co-creating conference May 6-13, 2017 !
    Mona Valenas sound is so Etheral what an amazing artist. 🙂
    Do you play the Mansuri too?

    Wow crazy weather!
    Vast amounts of energy being moved.
    I see quickening and rainbow seed.
    Can you feel it? …See through me. 🙂
    Fascinating, considering this mornings weather transit of deep darrkness & tears personally then illumination and light. So humbled in deep gratitude of all that has carried me with unwavering ‘lightening like’ guidance.
    Keep calm and carry on ~
    When nothing is certain, Everything is possible ~ anonymous

    Yes, it is obvious. 🙂
    We create space, we hold space.
    It is the choice of the word.
    That power of suggestion.
    So releasing a word, creating matter that opens space is important.
    It cascades forward and back, healing the evolutionary heart that exists in Gaia.
    Many a Wars start from the misinterpretation of a Words gesture.
    Based in ethnicities, the farthest back is X & Y, Womyn & Man.
    Healing is a drip, drip, drip, then AHA a drop (eventually) into the infinite ocean of wholeness.

    There is so much power and frequency in words to keep humanity asleep…
    that is the other Special K.

    Funny, truly Knowing, requires no proof.
    Power is choice. Our free will.
    Knowing how to cut the edge, but not be bleed to death by its magnificence,
    then bringing back just a sliver of its love in your pocket to share.
    Exponentially, it is so luminescent in Tribe collectiveness, silly stuff.
    It is the inspiration of a muse seeing wheels, as cogs of unlimited points in light evolution.

    Infinite Smiles ~ In Lak’ech

    Hey do you think you might incorporate the asteriods goddesses in the weekly chart going forward ?

    Matriarchal Crocodiles: kinda goddesses too…
    Ya know, as i recall from Sir David Attenborough in BBC Earth series. The NURSERY Crocodile is Bar None a matriarchal Mother to the selfless nuturing, care and passage of like 50+ baby Crocs that are not her own, but the Tribes ! 🙂

    Gratitudes to breath, Gaia, life.
    ~ in it all… love to all, Namaste ~

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