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April 27, 2022 Astrology Forecast

April 27, 2022 Astrology Forecast

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Most often I am guided
By Spirit whispers in my ear,
But with every touch, taste, smell and feel,
I sense and know She’s near.

Hola Psychics!

Ever had your tea leaves read? I’ve had my coffee grounds read, and she was pretty good! Saturday’s solar eclipse conjunct with Uranus, this week’s mantra, and the thumbnail, combined with the four planets in Pisces, all have the Sabian symbol for Pluto stationing retrograde in common (at least in my mind!), ” A woman reading tea leaves.” All of these remind us that there is a reality above, beyond, within, and without the third-dimensional reality of the senses and that this much more vast reality is constantly revealing itself to our conscious minds in a diversity of ways.

“Everything is related to everything else.” We can find answers to our questions and bring clarity more than confusion to our lives by exploring “everything” that happens to us and around us and checking it with what we are thinking, feeling, and sensing, or “picking up” at that moment. This is the “magic” the mystics, masters, and yogis (and some astrologers LOL) speak of and speak from. And it is accessible and doable by everyone. I feel there are times when the veils are thinned, and these can be seen with astrology.

When these portals open, it may also be true that they let in not only the light, beautiful, loving spirits but some chaotic, dark energy too. Let’s not forget that the polarities of good/evil and light/dark are not defined as such outside of our dualistic, polarized ego consciousness. However, we may note that there is a LOT of bad news these days, and the air and sound waves are full of violent, sad, and tragic events being amplified by the media. During these times, it can be helpful to know and tap into the spirit world behind and beyond this craziness for some peace of mind, heart, and soul. Go for it!

And while you’re going, come over to Turkey with me to visit the original megaliths the Sabians carved for their temples! And then pop down to Greece and “Dance Your Stars” with me! Check out all the details HERE, and I hope to see you.

With all the hubbub going on out there with one of my favorite actors, good ‘ol Jack Sparrow himself, I just had to look at the astrology of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard drama being played out in the courtroom these days. So if you’re interested in a live interpretation of their charts and synastry, join me this Sunday, May 1st, for a FREE 2-hour webinar “Who Done It?” For more info, CLICK HERE!

Most often I am guided
By Spirit whispers in my ear,
But with every touch, taste, smell and feel,
I sense and know She’s near.

So yup, with this weekend’s solar eclipse, we can expect the unexpected in a real big way! Many of these changes will upset our everyday rhythms and routines, plans, and dreams in various ways. Eclipses are the universe’s way of injecting the future into the present, and since Uranus is the planet of the future and it is conjunct with this eclipse, we may well get a glimpse of what the future is going to be like NOW! 

The realm of AI, the WWW, cryptocurrency, banking, food supplies, supply chains, and basically all aspects of the economy, including inflation, are set to be triggered by this eclipse. Taurus, plain and simple, rules the physical survival of our physical bodies on this physical planet, so everything material/physical is up for a cosmic “upgrade,” and that includes us.

Let’s remember that Life, Nature, and Divine Intelligence are on our side! Uranus constantly reminds us that we need to liberate, revolt, or rebel from the status quo, innovate, and reinvent ourselves to be all that we can be at any given moment. There’s no laying around, waiting, hoping, or wishing with Uranus. We need to INDIVIDUATE, find what is unique and special and different about us that the world needs and go about delivering it… NOW. May all your “Ah hah!” moments lead to enlightened actions! 

The song I was thinking of is “Dust In The Wind” by Kansas!
Moody Blues – “Tuesday Afternoon”

PS. Oops! Booboo! Pluto is in Aquarius for 20, not 40 years… what was I thinkin’!!

So Much Love,

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