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April 28, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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I’m feeling the need to escape or rebel,
The more the hammer comes down.
I need to tap the genius within,
To create more common ground.

Hola Initiates!

Hold onto your hats for the wild ride of Sun/Uranus square Saturn (to be joined by the Moon)! The old saying with Uranus is “expect the unexpected.” I’ve always struggled with that one, wondering exactly how you prepare for the unexpected. My general feeling is that the more you are centered in your core, the less you are shaken. Like when riding a motorcycle, skiing, or doing many athletics, the key to remaining balanced is to lower your center of gravity. The trees with gigantic, spread-out roots, especially those that go deep, are more able to withstand the storm. All these challenges serve us to hunker down, go within, and more clearly define ourselves and our truths, leading us to manifest our highest, most authentic destiny.

From reading a few of the comments on this week’s Pele Report, it seems I have struck some nerves with my message and mantra for the week. Please know that we are in a complex state of affairs and that I am not “this” or “that,” and am constantly researching and willing to change with new evidence and information that can serve to deepen my understanding. That being said, I find myself deviating from the current narrative and have opened a channel on Bitchute in the event that I am censored on other social platforms. This does not mean that I am some extreme conspiracy theorist, so please let’s not jump to conclusions. At the same time, if you have been following my work for any length of time, you’ll know that I have spoken of Ahriman and a particular “agenda” that looms on the horizon that I would like to address, and that is not for everyone. There may well be the formation of some future secret societies as some occult (hidden) knowledge is not to be comprehended by all.

While I may put out a special video or two on Bitchute, I don’t have the time to be doing multiple reports on multiple channels to reach the general public. I think it is better to share my personal perspectives with those interested enough to join the NPA community. I started this community to help connect like-minded souls on a spiritual path of evolution that involves a deeper understanding of star wisdom. With that as a foundation, I feel safer to open, share, and be understood than on these social platforms. If you’re not already a member, consider joining as it is my intention to be spending more time and sharing deeper insights with you there! Many blessings wherever you are!

I’m feeling the need to escape or rebel,
The more the hammer comes down.
I need to tap the genius within,
To create more common ground.

So yeah, the Sun will conjunct Uranus in Taurus and square Saturn in Aquarius within days (actually active all week). As I often refer to Uranus as the alarm clock, we can expect an alarming week! Time to wake up to what is happening right before our very eyes as the north node in Gemini and Mercury moving into Gemini tells us. Whoa! 

I purposely took the time in today’s report to discuss this video before posting the link somewhere. Please, please, please, do not judge me or put me in a box because of the source or the radical page or other suggested videos that come up when you click the link! I am not a John Bircher, patriot, or any other label that comes to mind (and disagree with much that appears related to this video anyway). Try to listen to get his description of Collectivism and Individualism. You may also see them as good descriptions of Aquarius (the Saturn side of Aquarius, not the Uranian that is most often touted in New Age circles), and Leo, its polar opposite.  I’m interested in your thoughts, so leave a comment. 

Next, I have to change the order of the songs that I mentioned because I think Neil Young and “Are You Ready for the Country” is more Moon in Sag.
Then she moves in Cappy, opposes Mars in Cancer, and wants some Blue Bayou.
Finally (even though there’s no such thing, LOL), she moves into Aquarius on Sunday and buddies up with Saturn to tussle with Sun/Uranus. This will definitely be some Schizo energy that feels like King Crimson.

And lastly, to end on a happy note, let’s have some high vibrational food!

I’m going down the rabbit hole with some folks in Costa Rica next month (coming up fast!). I will explain all about what’s going on and do little chart readings for everyone to make it personal. If you’d like a crash course in astrology along with some beach time and sailing, come on down! It’s not too late to join!

So Much Love,

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