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April 6, 2022 Astrology Forecast

April 6, 2022 Astrology Forecast

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Whenever I am in deep dark sorrow,
Due to death, war, loss or grief,
I remember that I’m but a drop of rainwater,
Returning to the sea.

Hola Busy Bees!

These days, we can all be buzzing around like busy bees. Some out of the excitement for new projects, others in order to survive. Some love the accomplishments achieved due to hard work, focus, concentration, and will. Others feel rushed, stressed, and exhausted as the pressure comes from outside rather than their own initiative. While this is most intensely happening now, with Mars and Saturn squaring the Moon’s nodes, it will continue through the rest of this month and only taper off until it is hardly noticeable by November.

Amid all the hustle and bustle, it is good to take time and feel the deeper feelings often overlooked, neglected, or suppressed. For some, work can also be an addiction, an excuse not to feel, stay too busy, and leave no space for emotions to rise up in between calls, messages, POs, or deadlines. Saturn also “rules” suppression which can, over time, lead to sleep problems, lethargy, depression, and a host of other “mysterious” ailments. Part of a good health regimen should include time to discuss, vent, feel, and release whatever might be bottled up inside. The Moon moving into Cancer Thursday through Saturday will be an excellent time to “Let it all hang out.”

The upside of these transits is coming into a more authentic expression of yourself that is honest, pure, and approachable. Authentically revealing ourselves to others allows all our relations to move to a more intimate level of understanding, compassion, and warmth. These are the very attributes missing in many western (and eastern) societies these days due to muzzling mandates, social distancing, and technological addiction. These qualities make us human, special, unique, and very valuable. So let’s inflate our self-worth by loving and allowing ourselves to be loved more each day!

Whenever I am in deep dark sorrow,
Due to death, war, loss or grief,
I remember that I’m but a drop of rainwater,
Returning to the sea.

Saturn squaring the Moon’s nodes this month indicates that it is time to let go of old security structures, relationships, and once supportive and viable pursuits and assets to move on to a new, evolutionary stage. This is true regardless of the sign position, however, with the south node in Scorpio, the sign of emotional desire and attachment, it becomes more complex and intense. Scorpio rules all forms of loss, betrayal, and abandonment, including death, taxes, bankruptcy, divorce, etc. When the ego clings to people, places, positions, and things that no longer serve a soul purpose, the last resort of the unconscious soul is to straight out remove them. This is often painful. 

While the Moon’s nodes are in Taurus/Scorpio until July of 2023, this Saturn square, which remains within a five-degree orb until November, is the most challenging. In some ways, I believe it is a preparation for Saturn going into Pisces next year. So much of our “old world” is leaving it can feel like there is little left to hold onto or believe in. But Jupiter/Neptune calls us forward, upward, and onward toward experiencing ourselves in ever-deepening and expanded ways as true Spirit Beings. Let’s all meet there! 

On another note, I blew it! Got my mantras mixed up at the end of the report. I’m so used to the Gunpati meditation (Sa Ta Na Ma, Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say, So Hung) that I explained it more than the meditation I am giving you the link to.

Ra Sun
Ma Moon
Da Earth
Sa Infinity
Sa Say So Hung, I am one with Thou 

If you set aside the 15 minutes for this every day for 40, 90, or 120 days (without missing a day), you will note a marked improvement in your head, heart, and body space. Check it out!

I see from my Spotify Pele Report Playlist that I already used “Let It Be” as the song for another week (It’s an awesome playlist!), so this week I’d like to feature Jim Croce as I think he captures the feelings that might come up for us. I think of two songs; Operator, and if you like that one, you may also enjoy his Time In A Bottle. Relax, sit back, and let go! 

So Much Love,

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