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April 7, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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Fear is believing that I am alone,
Forgetting that All is One.
But if I open and follow my heart,
It melts like snow in the sun.

Hola Bighorns!

Time to “Ram On (title song of Paul McCartney’s RAM album), give your heart to somebody soon, right away, right away…” Know it? If not, check it out along with a couple of other McCartney links below. It must be Paul McCartney week, LOL! He does symbolize someone who went forward through thick and thin and helped forge a new era of self-expression (along with John, of course). That is a good model for us this week/month with the New Moon happening in Aries, the Ram.
Right or wrong, correct or incorrect, acceptable or unacceptable, planned or unplanned, our evolution depends on us grabbing the ram of life by the horns and doing a little wrestling!

Whether we’re wrestling with ourselves, our loved ones, or some external force, we find ourselves and know ourselves more fully as a result. However unenlightened it may be considered, competition contributes to the further development of excellence. Aries is a complicated archetype to some with a more “spiritual bent.” However, as I discuss in this week’s report, the innocent lamb just is. No explanation or justification is needed. Let’s try that on for size this week and help heal the wound of not deserving.

I’m going forward, however innocently or foolishly, and putting together a workshop in Costa Rica next month! Any rams out there coming? We’re going to go into “The Saturnian Reality of Creating a New Uranian Paradigm.” Whether you’re looking to understand the world and where it’s going, your journey, learn astrology or getaway to a tropical paradise, this is the place for you! Check out the details and signup before the 15th so we can call it a GO! Yes! CLICK HERE to join!

This week Sandra Nicolaysen shared how to interpret the Solar Return chart with the New Paradigm Astrology Community. It is just one of the 100’s of weekly instructional videos that come with tons of other benefits. If you’re not an NPA member, check out all the astrology (and more) that you can handle and learn by CLICKING HERE! I hope to see you there soon at one of my live sessions.

Fear is believing that I am alone,
Forgetting that All is One.
But if I open and follow my heart,
It melts like snow in the sun.

Let’s welcome the new Moon in Aries! That beautiful Ram energy that represents the beginning of everything new. It’s open, spontaneous, wild, and courageous, so let those be keywords for the month. It’s simple and straightforward, not convoluted and conniving, so we can also add that. More specifically, we want to add in a touch of self-forgiveness for this week if we try/want something and it doesn’t go. We’re all just in kindergarten earth so if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Let it go, don’t let it get you down.

In a way, I’m feeling the energy of the Chariot card in the Tarot, where The Charioteer is gazing down into the Holy Grail in meditative preparation to set off on his journey. It reminds me of my axiom for 2021 in general: “The Year of Initiation in Preparation for Creative Manifestation.” The paradox is that we are all alone and setting off on our destinies, AND we are all one, tiny parts of the great big puzzle without which the puzzle is not complete. Mercury coming to Chiron wants to penetrate the mysteries of healing separation while simultaneously adding a new, unique identity to the mix of creation.

Perhaps we expand and complete the puzzle of creation by discovering and expressing our unique genius. We gotta break away from the crowd to return with fuel to feed it. Blessings on your genius!

So Much Love,

⚡️ Come to my workshop this May!!⚡️

Nothing more appropriate than Sir Paul McCartney’s “Live and Let Die” for this week! And while I’m on Paul, I have to add the song I’ve been stuck on this week as I’m driving through the southwest: “Heart of the Country” from his album RAM.

I’ve also been inspired this week by the beautiful artwork of Sandra! She first sent me the drawing of the cord going to heaven (at the end of the video) and then followed it with others. Check out more of Sandra’s work (communication as an art form too!) at

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