Many things have changed since we made a "media revolution" around the theme of sexuality in the 70s through the television program "Sincerely." (A Costa Rica TV show produced by Javier). The subject is no longer taboo; the information is now accessible to everyone; the new generations have great need to experience new things; women no longer need to define themselves as lesbians to enjoy each other; sex is now less important for both genders and the understanding of the rainbow of the genre has already reached national legislation. However, despite all this, something has not changed: women still do not fully enjoy their sexuality. Would you like to know why?

Writing this article I risk to sound rude and macho.

However, due to my 30 years of work as a sexologist, I am one of the few people in this country (Costa Rica) with the right to say it without being accused of being a liar or exaggerated. In addition, next to this bad news I have another very good one: now if the conditions are in place to make this start to change, because women are already demanding their rights and because we already have a medium sufficiently positioned and with the necessary value to Take on that responsibility The responsibility to help us take another step in the conscious evolution of this beautiful land, in which today animal sexuality, prehuman sexuality and human sexuality coexist. Animal sexuality is characterized as an instinctive response, controlled by inherited patterns and in which there is no orgasm of the female or control of the sexual response by the male. Both copulate "by necessity" when they have the possibility of doing so due to hormonal conditions outside the voluntary control and do so as quickly as possible, to avoid the attack of a predator or a male competing for the female.

Since about four million years ago, our male ancestors began to experience pleasurable sensations when copulating. However, it was not until the appearance of Homo erectus that we began to be aware of sexual pleasure and it took another two million years for prehuman sexuality to appear little by little.

The "prehuman sexuality" of which I speak is characterized as a response freer from the control of the instincts, but shares with animal sexuality the lack of orgasm and enjoyment of the woman. Likewise, he shares the relative speed of sexual intercourse and the lack of control of sexual response on the part of both. Although the coitus of the human being is one of the most extensive in nature (three and a half minutes on average), it remains excessively short in terms of true female sexual enjoyment.

In this state of "prehuman" sexuality there are about 70% of people.

Human sexuality, lived for the remaining 30%, is characterized as a free response to the control of the instincts and includes both the male's ejaculatory control and the full enjoyment of the woman's orgasm.

It may seem very strange and contradictory that most humans live a "prehuman" sexuality, but for the expert eye it really is not. What this means is that "human" sexuality is really just coming, and that the "human being" has not finished separating from the animal. But in our prehuman sexuality there is something even more interesting and at the same time more significant for the moment in which we live.

Do not be angry when reading what I will explain before finishing the article! Especially if you are a woman! and please do not quote it out of context, because it would seem the opposite of what I mean. Rather relax and enjoy, because it will read something that can not yet be found on the internet and that can change your perspective and behavior forever.The reason why most women do not have orgasm during intercourse is because the female orgasm is not something "natural". With this I mean that the female coital orgasm does not belong to the nature of female sexuality, as if coitus does. It is rather about what in anthropology we call a "cultural trait". Therefore, although intercourse is something "natural" and does not require learning to take place, enjoying orgasm during it is something learned and must be passed on from generation to generation through education or "socialization".

From the biological point of view, the vagina evolved as a perfect organ for penetration and pregnancy, but not for sexual enjoyment. Different thing happened with the penis. For this reason, male coital orgasm is universal, while only 30% of women enjoy it.

This could be different, but it is not, because our culture has refused to welcome the sexual enjoyment of women. Put in a non-offensive way, we are stuck in evolution because the dominant culture does not want them to enjoy sexuality. But he does not do it because he does not "love" them, or because he wants an evil for them. In fact, most of us men believe that we are good lovers and that women really enjoy our sexual game. Meanwhile, from 60% to 80% of women (according to different studies), overact and fake orgasm.

Unfortunately, the reason why our culture does not allow the female orgasm to become universal through education is unknown to most people. It is a pity, because knowing it helps to modify sexual attitudes and clarify values...."


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15 thoughts on “Article on Feminine Sexuality by Javier Ortiz Gutiérrez

  1. I’d sure like it if more men discussed how they will end rape culture on this planet.

    As for your article, I wonder how much of your opinion is influenced by your cultural experience in Costa Rica. I’m not sure who the audience is you are writing this for, but it seems to leave out a lot of important details. Is your specialty working with men?

  2. Wow, this article is so outdated I’m really surprised that you guys have posted it. It’s really quite crap … reductive and unhelpful.

  3. I think in your attempts to explain that women’s orgasm is “un-natural” from whatever scientific mindset you seem to be coming from seems to underestimate the sexual pleasure that a women innately feels from the time of infancy.
    We are all sensual beings, whether female or not, and can be connected to our ability to orgasm.
    In fact I remember distinctly having orgasms by the age of 6, from my own curiosity into the sensations that my body was naturally wanting to explore.
    I question this opinion, and find it a cop out from a man’s perspective, as truly you have no true experiential knowledge of what it means to be in a women’s body. These opinions are best left up to a women to express as it is coming directly from experience and her own body’s intelligence.

    • A woman s orgasm is very natural indeed. If she feels connected and sufficiently aroused before penetration the orgasmic waves flush through her spontaneously. You should have asked women to comment on this issue – you are totally on the wrong track with such train of thought.

    • I understand your point and agree with you, but I think there is no need to get defensive. I know women who do not have orgasms and fake it to keep the man happy and with them and then at the other end, I am blessed with multiple orgasms and a partner who enjoys giving me pleasure. So I think this is coming from a good place, I mean if it is true that such a high percentage of women are sexually unsatisfied, is time to talk openly about it.

  4. This needs to be seen in the context of the (3!!!) additional articles to Pele report of 5.12.18 ~ read ALL 3 then see how you FEEL ~ ‘without judgement’… many thanks Kaypacha 🙏
    … namaste, is here to stay… 😀

  5. I have read all 3 articles Kaypacha encouraged us to examine. I found this article interesting. My own experience of only having sex with 2 men in my life with both of those being my husband at the time, has shown me a distinct difference in their masculine traits and my response to them. I was quite uninformed as to what a female could FEEL during the sex act during my first marriage. My partner was very much part of that 70% pre-human as described by the author. I found by accident that I could orgasm during coitus but not often enough to satisfy my partner’s ego apparently so I began faking it. That union lasted 3 years with him finding another woman. My second husband (28 yrs and counting!) is much more in tune to his body and consequently in tune with mine. He had an interest in what I was feeling and desiring even though I did not have the experience to know what was available to me. I understand what this author is saying when he says “orgasm is not something “natural”. ” I had to learn that I had this capability. Those women who knew at a young age how to orgasm are fortunate. Not everyone grew up in a family or culture that accepted female orgasm as not just something possible but as a given during intimacy- whether with a partner or alone.

  6. Thank you for your article and evolutionary information. At first, I was leery of a man writing about female sexuality. But I enjoyed the statistical and “factual” information. The bottom line is as women reclaim their bodies, stop faking, and start feeling more pleasure it’ll support our evolution as a species. And men we would like your support in this worthwhile effort. Put your sexual gratification on the back burner a bit and start supporting our pleasure and I guarantee you’ll benefit. The whole world will. 🙂

  7. This 3articles were very interesting. But some very important thing I missed. It’s very true woman’s sexuality is a question of socialization.
    But a lot of educated woman haven’t joy of sex.
    The first and most important step for a woman is to know and love her body completely. She has to know her own pleasure.
    She needs a cortical representation of her vagina.
    The klitoris is much more sensitive than the glans of the penis. It’s much bigger than it seems to be outside. There are much more nerval endings. So, indeed, the woman has as more pleasure as she knows about her body, and so the man can learn so much from her.
    It’s very important sexuality is free from guilt.
    That’s the cardinal problem of humanity. There is so much punishment, cruelty, rape, violence written down in our Akasha chronic, in our collective subconsciousness.
    Because of that, we have to celebrate our holy sexuality.
    All fake has to be ⛔, women!!!
    We all need healing, man and woman. Always be honest, don’t abuse your body or the body of the other!!!

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