Happy New Year!  2016 promises to be a year where the wheels that have been set in motion and the plans and projects that we have started will really start to bear their fruit!  As the goal of life is constant evolution and expansion of awareness, the type of fruit, the amount of fruit, or the lack of fruit, etc. will give us keys to deeper self understanding and the understanding of life itself.  In this discussion, Mijanou and I go into just what this might look like for individuals, races, and nations.  We hope you enjoy it!  Namaste'

KAYPACHA and MYSTIC MAMMA have come together once again to offer up a *1 hour MP3 Audio Recording* in which they share inspiration, guidance and the ASTRAL INSIGHTS for 2016!

CLICK HERE to check it out!


2 thoughts on “Astral Insights 2016, Kaypacha & Mystic Mamma mp3 Audio Recording

  1. Blessed Tom Kaypacha Please don’t give up. Your generosity to share is mind blowing. I love this being you are and your hippie shsmanic

  2. Shamanic cosmic clock expression encourage me. And my sons. I have been in astrology 50 years. And you are the only one I deeply relate with. I feel the collective shifts and you are so brave and authentic. You show your changes and vulnerableness too. I should contribute $a little but know WE need you. Take care of yourself dear. So much love, Hannah.

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