Join Kaypacha and the New Paradigm Astrology dream team for a very special and comprehensive learning opportunity.

New Paradigm Astrology Complete Course for Chart Interpretation

For beginners as well as more advanced astrology students, this program is offered to provide a thorough and competent education in chart interpretation from an evolutionary, soul focused point of view - from the bottom up. No previous astrological knowledge is necessary.

Our program will provide detailed teachings into the soul’s evolutionary journey as depicted in the astrology chart. Evolutionary Astrology is a vast body of knowledge that provide some of the deepest spiritual perspectives in Astrology—we are excited to have you as part of the star tribe! This program will be offered through four 7 week courses. Sign up for all at a discount or pick and choose. Registration details below!

  • Module 1: Fundamentals of Evolutionary Astrology: Signs, Elements and more (October 26 - December 15)
    • To reach high, we begin with solid foundations. This Foundational Principles program is open to beginners and intermediate astrologers as we will review the building blocks from an Evolutionary perspective. This is different from other schools of thought and practice. In this course, you will learn about the 12 signs through their elemental groupings, receive a solid orientation to the natal chart, and the basic soul-focused perspective of Evolutionary Astrology. You will learn the astronomy associated with the astrological birth chart. In addition to learning the language of astrology, you'll also receive a special teaching on kundalini yoga so that you can more deeply embody the elements. This course will solidly set you up to delve deeper into more of the specifics by giving you a solid foundation from which to build a deeper understanding.
  • Module 2: The Players: The Planets, Houses and more (Feb 2nd - Mar 23)
    • The Planets, signs and houses are the main ingredients in any astrological chart. Together they describe the what, how, and where of our natal chart. The planets are the fundamental facets of nature and consciousness. Each planet represents a function within human psychology and life experience. They are the players. The 12 houses are areas of life experience. They represent where the evolutionary activity is taking place. Each of the twelve houses correlates to one of the twelve zodiac signs, and has a distinct evolutionary purpose, function and flavor. In Part 2, you will learn the foundational language and skill to begin to synthesize the three main components of the natal chart, signs and houses.
  • Module 3: The Positions: The Aspects and Planetary Pairs (May 4th to June 22nd)
    • A planetary aspect is an evolutionary gateway within the cycle between any two planets determined by their degree of proximity. Each planetary aspect has a specific dynamic and intention that reveals how two planets relate to one another, what kind of "conversation" they are having together, and how to embrace or resolve the challenges and opportunities such dynamics can bring. In addition, we will explore the cycles between key planetary pairs reveal that specific evolutionary purposes. By understanding key planetary relationships an astrologer can identify at what evolutionary stage specific dynamics are occurring and how they are best utilized.
  • Module 4: The Culmination: Evolutionary Chart Interpretation (Sept 7th to Oct 26th)
    • The bottom-line foundation for any experience, expression, or lifetime is evolutionary growth and development. Understanding the deeper evolutionary meaning of life brings clarity, purpose, focus, and alignment to the greater unfolding of human experience. In this final course, you will learn the basis for chart interpretation in Evolutionary Astrology. Through an in-depth study of the Moon's nodes, their relationship to Pluto, and their planetary rulers by sign and house position, the bigger picture of one's life experience can be identified. In Parts 1, 2 & 3 you'll learn the basic skills for reading a chart; in Part 4, you learn how to give it meaning.

In this program, you will learn the basic interpretive skills to be able to identify and understand “where a soul coming from, why are they here, and what their soul purpose is.” This program will set you up with all the basic skills and knowledge to understand your chart and others. The astrological birth chart is the "blueprint of the soul,"  that with meditation, interpretive skill and desire can help us understand the deeper meaning of our lives and bring us an inner sense of peace and fulfillment.  This program is designed to set you up with the basic skills and knowledge, that combined with your desire and practice, will result in your becoming your own best astrologer.

By purchasing this program, you'll receive:
: Online video instruction in our digital classroom
: PDF workbook with exercises for each lesson
: Kundalini yoga kriyas for embodiment
: Access to a private student Facebook group
: Online forum for questions for the teachers
: Live Q&A webinars for each Module

To sign up for Module 1: Fundamentals, beginning October 26th CLICK HERE

To sign up for Module 1: Fundamentals, beginning October 26th CLICK HERE

To register for the full series and receive a program discount CLICK HERE NOW.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q:What time are the webinars?
A: The classes are all pre-recorded. The live Q&A Webinars are at 4:00 pm Eastern Time.


Q: Am I required to attend live?
A: No, only Q&A’s are live and they are recorded for those who cannot attend.


Q: I am already practiced in astrology but am new to Evolutionary Astrology, will this course be too basic for me?
A: No, Evolutionary Astrology offers a unique perspective that is specific to reading the chart from the point of view of the soul’s evolutionary journey. There are concepts, techniques and perspectives unique to this paradigm. We find that anyone new to EA, whether familiar with astrology in general or not, will learn new material right from the start. We recommend it. The portions on the Elements will serve to deepen your existing knowledge and integrate the EA perspective. The astronomy portion may already be familiar to those who are skilled with natal charts but it’s always good to expand your understanding of natal chart anatomy and astronomy.


Q: Is this traditional Evolutionary Astrology?
A: In this course you will be guided by 7 professional and skilled astrologers, six of which have trained in the EA paradigm, all of which combined bring forth their unique niches, skill set and gems to the community. We consider this course to be rooted in the Evolutionary Astrology paradigm as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green with it's branches and fruits extended to encompass a far wider and eclectic understanding of astrology. Our teachings are contestant and a reflection of the core EA teachings, but we are not pure traditionalists and there will be elements in this course that are specific to this unique blend of teachers.


Q: Will I get a certificate at the end of the course? 
A: You will receive a certificate of completion for NPA's Astrology for the Soul: The Complete Course for Chart Interpretation, Level One.

Q: Will I be able to offer this as a service to my clients upon completion of this course?
A: You will be ready to read your own chart, and that of friends and family.   Astrology takes time to research and practice, and we recommend at least another year of practice  before offering professional readings.

Q: Will I have access to the forum and group after the course is over ?
A: There will be one forum that remains active from the beginning of the course for all eternity that will be open to everyone whoever signups up for the course.  Same with the FB group page. While all the material/modules/handouts etc. is "go at your own pace/time," you will obviously not be able to attend the Live Q and A sessions at the end of each module (total of 7) unless you attend the module “live.” However, they too will be recorded for your future study.

Q: Are there payment plans / discounts available? 
A: Full Price is $1,399 for the entire course or $349.99 per part.  We are offering a special price $1,199 for the entire course from now until October 14th 11:59 PM Eastern.  A payment plan is available until October 25th for those purchasing the entire course: $150/month for 10 months beginning on the date of purchase (November 1 at the latest.)

DISCOUNT:  NPA Community member pricing is $1,199 for the entire course or $299.99 per part.



26 thoughts on “Astrology for the Soul: The Complete Course for Chart Interpretation

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    • Each one is $350 or $300 if you sign up at the time of the webinar or belong to the New Paradigm Astrology community. hope that works for you! It is well worth the price! Hope to see you!

  2. Hi team, I am trying to purchase the first module and it is asking for a password to add to the cart? Also will the other modules be full or sell out? I am looking to do the whole year long course… this is exactly what I have been looking for, thank you! 🙂

    • Sorry Andrea! I was so excited I published the invitation video before the pages were done! If you click the links now they will work! Thanks and I look forward to working with you!

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  4. Hi NPA Team,

    I’ve almost signed up for so many online astrology courses, and now I know why I didn’t, I’ve been waiting for this ONE! I’m living in Asia and travel a lot, I’m just wondering if the lessons will be available to download and complete in my own time, if I can’t make the exact times or dates (before the next module starts of course).


  5. Hello,
    Do you have an overview of what the 2nd/3rd/4th courses will cover? I feel like I might already have a foundation in the topics covered in the first course from being a NPA community member for a while, listening to the Astro 101 and 201 classes, and studying on my own. Will the first course cover more than the 101/201 courses Kaypacha has already done?
    Y’all are awesome and I’m stoked to learn more and more astro/kundalini radness <3<3<3

  6. Thanks Cayce! I think even for budding astrologers that have had a good amount of knowledge, to benefit from the years of experience from 7 astrologers will give you the most well rounded and solid foundation.
    Having worked with this team for a good while, I can appreciate unique style, interpretation and perspective each one of these astrologers brings. It’s made me better. 🙂

  7. Hi! Is there an expiration date to the course?
    Or will it be up online and available for a couple months if I’m unavailable to purchase right now?

  8. Hi !
    About the discount code as a member :

    I only can find the code for part 1
    I need the code for the whole course ,
    which one do I have to use ?


  9. Hi Dani,
    I believe I will have finance for the course coming through at the end of the year. Can I sign up later and still receive access to module one so I can start at the beginning? Thanks

  10. I’ve just listened to the free webinar. I want to join up on the $150 payment plan. I cannot find anywhere to process my payment. Please help!!

  11. Hi Dream team!
    I have been looking for a course like this for a long time and would love to take it but right now i dont have the funds, will the course still be available in the clming months? Appreciate any feedback!

    Thank you,

    Daniella Villa-smith

  12. Are those dates for the modules during 2019-2020, or 2018-2019? And If this course started last year , do you know if you will teach another one in a future, so I can join from the beginning?

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