The month of March will be a lot easier for you if you just pretend that you have boarded the high speed bullet train that gets you to your destination at hundreds of miles per hour (whether you are late or not!). This is a month where our nervous systems are undergoing a great cosmic cleanse. It is an opportunity to rid ourselves of all the shaky, old, outworn mental patterns that are no longer serving us. Beyond that, we will have an opportunity to purge immature emotional patterns lingering from lifetimes gone by that are preventing us from fully realizing our potential.

By the time you read this, the planet Mercury will have entered Aries and joined with its higher octave, Uranus. It will continue on to 7 degrees and station there on the 12th, and go retrograde (backward apparent motion) all the way back into Pisces by the 23rd, basically joining with Uranus for more than 3 weeks. What happens when you put the joker/trickster in the same room with extraterrestrial intelligence and tell them to work up a new plan of action to free the human race from bondage (by tomorrow)? You get radical honesty, instant karma, long hidden secrets suddenly exposed, brilliant new ideas that demand sudden adjustments to initiate, and the list goes on and on.

On a socio/political level, this is a highly unstable time in the marketplace and the oval office (as well as globally). The revolving doors of power will be turning quickly to remove and replace the old guard. Instability breeds insecurity which may lead to some hasty reactions attempting to stem/stop the change though that is just what we need. It is just such resistance to change in the past that is the causal factor creating these sudden upheavals in our social institutions.

On a personal level, this is a month of great emancipation, awakening, and sudden realization. The best approach is to welcome the change, embrace the new, and liberate yourself from past, self-imposed and “socially correct” conformist behavior. The more you trust yourself, the more you can trust LIFE and the world to support your crazy new vision that you really think could actually work! Now is the time to go for it! Upset the applecart, blow your mind, and boldly envision a new reality without all the fear that held you back in the past. BREAK FREE and be YOUR OWN PERSON.

The external situation may just bring you to the point of realizing that there really is nothing left to lose anyway – it’s all going bye bye! If you can’t count on your employer, the government, the church, the family, the partner, then you better just count on (trust) yourself! This is not to say that you go off half-cocked, not listening, and ignore any constructive advice that may be offered (one possible temptation under these circumstances). For the collective undercurrent is actually to reconstruct new lives, new social norms, new personal realities that grow out of a heart felt compassion and unity, not only for our fellow folks but all the sentient beings, flora, and Gaia herself.

All through this month Mars and Chiron oppose each other while squaring the Moon’s nodal axis. This further reflects the need to act in accordance with our pure, spiritual intention of healing the past wounds that have resulted from aggressive self-assertion at the expense of the young, the innocent, the soft, and the passive. Let’s not forget we are birthing new Selves as well as new societies, and we best begin in our own backyard. Part of birthing this new reality is finding our “bigness”, our generosity, kindness, compassion, and understanding of other’s pain. The willingness (and opportunity) to at times sacrifice our comfort, our need to be right, our need to be safe, even our need to be loved, for something more, something bigger than us or our little lives is knocking on our door this month.

This is not an ordinary month, and it is best not to approach these days in the same old way, with the same old attitude, expecting the same old results. That would be akin to missing that bullet train and taking a good long walk to that far distant destination we call “Home”. We are birthing nothing less than a new home for ourselves, our children, and our planet’s future. Later in the month as the Sun moves into Aries, the call to action will grow even louder. It will be time to act decisively by learning to discern and discriminate between deadening old habitual responses versus making new, risky, big changes.

The 18-24th could bring the 4th of July fireworks a bit early this year! The New Moon on the 22nd is sandwiched between the Mercury/Uranus conjunction, indicating the release of highly charged emotions in a burst of new ideas that may translate into action perhaps prematurely. This would be a good month to cut down on the coffee/sugar intake to help ease that “fight or flight” response to external pressure. Anything to assist you in making (and staying) cool, calm decisions, like exercise, nature activities, and artistic expression will help soothe an otherwise strained nervous system. The key will be to find positive outlets for the massive amount of electrical current flowing through you so you don’t light up like a light bulb and fry your brain!

All in all, for those who like change, diversity, excitement, and fast paced action this will be a month to relish! For those already feeling pushed to the limit, hard pressed just trying to survive, or lacking the funds, energy, or time this will be month where it is necessary to make radical decisions to change your existing reality. Simplifying down to the essential will reduce the pressure to maintain too many hands in too many pies, and allow more energy to push forward into new horizons, jobs, lifestyles, and relationships. We often don’t need all that we think we do, and these times will best be spent free of cares and worries from holding onto what often hasn’t really made us happy anyway. May you board that train with the least amount of cumbersome luggage and lightly arrive home in the wink of an eye as “the essential YOU.”

Powerful days of change this month will be 2, 3, 7/8, 12/13, 15, 18-24, 29/30.

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