We are bummed that the internet here at Astrology Rising is too funky to livestream (I was wondering!)!  So we are recording as much as we can to share with you.  Here are 3 great talks (recorded on phones as best as possible) so far.  Really good material so check them out!  More to come!

Astrology Rising: Maurice Fernandez, The YOD – Configuration for the Masterful

Composed of two quincunxes and a sextile, the Yod is often referred to as “The Finger of God.” This pointed-shaped configuration requires the highest of a person’s integrity; it deflates arrogance and can only be mastered through sincere humility. Maurice goes through all possible Yod placements in the chart, detailing the different evolutionary lessons in each case.

Astrology Rising: The Leo/Virgo Cusp with Timothy Halloran

Leo and Virgo in many respects seems like they are completely different and could never exist together, yet we see them side by side on the zodiac wheel! As the Moon’s North node will be exactly on this cusp at the time of the event, join in investigating the fascinating relationship and strange attraction between these two archetypes and how the dance between the supernaturally grandiose and the intricately focused mundane can shape us into our greatest purpose and role.

Astrology Rising: Identify Past Lives in the Birth Chart by Maurice Fernandez

Join this fascinating research with Maurice. We may know that the soul evolves through numerous incarnations and that the astrology chart can reflect past life themes, however, have we ever gather evidence of this phenomena? Maurice will discuss confirmed reincarnation cases, and look at the charts of the same soul in the current and preceding life. This is a rare peak into this phenomenon and will provide participants with tangible tools to use in their practice—a most compelling study.

7 thoughts on “Astrology Rising Talks – Maurice and Tim

  1. Love the yod talk Maurice! Wish i could’ve been there! I have four tight yods in my chart (including one with Chiron at the Taurus apex) and your insights have immediately transformed the ways i will work with them! Many many thanks

  2. Yes great Yod talk, thank you Maurice. Can you have an out of sign Yod? For example I have Jupiter at 27 Gemini sextile to Saturn at 29 Leo both inconjunct my Sun and Venus at 0 Aquarius……..does some of what you spoke about still apply? Thanks again, it was so interesting.

  3. Wow… really loved the past life astrology with Maurice. I’m going to have to look up the chart of my mothers passing and my daughter’s birth. I believe they are the same soul reincarnated.

  4. Thanks for your illuminating talk on the Yod Maurice. I have this configuration in my chart but the apex is my north node (27 degrees of Aries); as this is not a planet, is this actually a yod? Thanks

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