Astro Tulum 2022

Astrology, Human Design, Yoga & Music

January 24-26, 2022 / Tulum, Mexico


Welcome to Astro Tulum! We are an extravaganza experience with some of the world’s leading spiritual teachers sharing various modalities such as Astrology, Human Design, Yoga & Music to empower and illuminate your soul’s path with practical knowledge of what lies ahead.

Each speaker will present information that will highlight and dive deeply into the current and upcoming energies of 2022 and templates for a better innerstanding of the bigger picture in this new paradigm.

Astrology’s brightest visionaries and sages will converge January 24-26, for Astro Tulum 2022, an unforgettable workshop experience!

We shall unite at the beautiful Ikal Resort in Tulum, Mexico, with 3 days of presentations starting at 9 am. There you’ll find like hearts and minds converging around a shared drive to live in alignment with higher principles and answer an evolutionary call to choose a better way for humanity – or at least for ourselves.

Come to get a jump start on the transformational changes in store for us all in 2022. Connect to your once and future tribe here on Planet Earth!

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