Pele Reports

August 1, 2018 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

August 1, 2018 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

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When someone gets hurt or broken,
I know I’ve gone too far,
And part of the healing process,
Is for me to raise the bar.


Shoot!  That darn wind!  Lo siento!  Anyway, if you do manage to listen to this whole thing in spite of the wind, you will get that this is a very powerful eclipse season aimed at showing all of us our stuff so we can make ourselves and the world better.  How better to spend a retrograde Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Chiron, Neptune, Pluto, and now Uranus!  Retrograde equals REflect!  


The other perspective is that when we use the disasters happening these days as Spirit messages to learn, we don’t feel like life is against us or go down the rabbit hole of confusion, chaos, and depression. Let’s also remember that we can be getting catapulted like a pole vaulter up to the highest highs!  If that’s your case….. congrats!


We do have another eclipse coming that I’ll talk about more in next week’s Pele report which will help wrap up this eclipse season.  However, as mentioned before, Mars is retrograding back into Capricorn, hitting Lilith, and not stationing direct until late August.This indicates a period of intense inner awakening and restructuring of our desire nature and further shadow work.


Hang in there!


And Injoy!


So Much Love,