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When someone gets hurt or broken,
I know I've gone too far,
And part of the healing process,
Is for me to raise the bar.


Shoot!  That darn wind!  Lo siento!  Anyway, if you do manage to listen to this whole thing in spite of the wind, you will get that this is a very powerful eclipse season aimed at showing all of us our stuff so we can make ourselves and the world better.  How better to spend a retrograde Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Chiron, Neptune, Pluto, and now Uranus!  Retrograde equals REflect!  


The other perspective is that when we use the disasters happening these days as Spirit messages to learn, we don't feel like life is against us or go down the rabbit hole of confusion, chaos, and depression. Let's also remember that we can be getting catapulted like a pole vaulter up to the highest highs!  If that's your case..... congrats!


We do have another eclipse coming that I'll talk about more in next week's Pele report which will help wrap up this eclipse season.  However, as mentioned before, Mars is retrograding back into Capricorn, hitting Lilith, and not stationing direct until late August.This indicates a period of intense inner awakening and restructuring of our desire nature and further shadow work.


Hang in there!


And Injoy!


So Much Love,




8 thoughts on “August 1, 2018 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Holly shocks !!:-( ( I wonder when you got hurt exactly ?!) You are still so beautiful to me… 🙂 I hope it when well last evening eventhough you see the higher purpose of pain and suffering;… ;-P I want to share a personnal fact about me too . So please keep in mind that in my journey I had started to try to adapt to body pain very early in life ( farther I remember well is at around 20 months old; I already had to not obey my mother to chase my back pain away by not stay sit as she wanted and get up in my high chair to play with my balance and shake my hips and but, this was only the beginning… ( Schooling was really difficult to achieve ) Keep in mind also that ; I never lost hope, and I never had the feeling to be disconnect from Source even in the most horrible moments of my life,but I always learned much from it & my faith is very deeply rooted, I had come to understand that my birth trauma may had me lived trough a numinous experience right after I ‘ve been saved from death if you ever read the book Anna & Mister God (?) there is a lot of similarity between Anna and me as a child ; like in ‘God is inside me and between all. sort of… Yesss a lot of stuff came up to me too… woah!! :-O I do not want to share much of my story online either… yaknow… I need to feel deep & real intimacy… Enough for now TY so very much again ‘Baby'( My mother had the same injury under her eyes & she stayed marked at least one month and always changing colors it ends on a greenny/ yellowish mixture … ) So Much Love & a gentle hug sended towards you XOX NB I do not have the Sacred Rebel tarot deck but my dearest soulsis online Helen ( Q of C tarot Se) use it and introduced me to it & I really enjoyed it too 🙂

  2. I have a page with with starseed nation of COME SEE UFOS OVER MANHATTAN! I been having these five past weekends with a group of people. We have witness hovering ufos. As the night progresses we see more ufos turn on their lights. Ufos turning off their lights. We also witness triangular motherships. If your interested I can share this with you and whomever on a clear or partially clear night skies. It’s only once in a life time experience of witnessing seeing other worlds.

  3. Mr TKL..
    This Pele Report was the most authentic honest deeply personally hearted piece I have witnessed your healing within ! Excellent job brother ! I love you Rascal

  4. Whoa Baaby! Not only was it a shock to see the Pele Report being done from the jungle of NYC (as opposed to your usual venture into nature which I LOVE!), but your poor face! I’m sending healing energy to heal your nose and bruising. But know, we all love you, regardless of how you look or what’s going on. I appreciate your personal REFLECTIONS during this retrograde period. The energy has been intense for sure! Hang in there. Much love.

  5. Last year at this time you sent out a description of how the solar eclipse in Leo would affect people. I’m a Pisces with Leo in the 12th house. You said I’d be going inward on a deeply spiritual quest. It all happened, and it was erie to watch it play out so strongly through the year. Actually very scary… but I seem to have come out the other side now, even while I see so much shadow. Coincidentally, my Scorpio husband, who works at a very conventional job, also has Leo in the 12th house, and he has listened to my explorations throughout the year, coming up with his own wealth of spiritual conclusions.

    So I am not surprised that yesterday when I was randomly reading Rumi to my husband the following poem came up, which I think I am meant to send to you: “Much commotion at your door, All attention drawn that way. Remember, even though I have done terrible things, I can still see the whole world in your face.”

    We have both recognized your inner beauty/truth/wisdom from the moment we heard you speak in a video, many years ago. I see this beauty/truth/wisdom in every video I watch, no matter where you are, or what you look like, or what difficult message you are imparting. Rock on!

  6. You look adorable – hope the pain subsides soon. I’ve been watching for years and this is the first time I’ve commented – one of my favorite reports. Thank you for your transparency and your wisdome

  7. You mentioned the importance of Diversity & Inclusion and I would agree with that. The unfortunate thing is that there is too much noise (on the internet) on that subject and people are confused as to what to believe or what is right to follow. To understand Diversity or the difference between people is the first step. Real Diversity is not about the visible differences like gender, race, colour, creed, etc., but it is about the relationship each person has with another, that feeling of a connection or being connected. I would love to share the how to do real Diversity & Inclusion.

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