Balancing the Masculine and Feminine
August 11-15, 2017
Lipia Góra (near Gdansk), Poland


Giving birth to a new paradigm, a new reality, is no quick, easy process.  As you may well have been feeling since Uranus first came into square with Pluto in mid-2012, we are collectively needing to recreate both ourselves and society with no set of instructions!  In the meantime, we can be feeling more and more estranged from existing social structures, mother nature, our most intimate partners, and even ourselves.  THIS IS PART OF THE EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS OF THIS TIME.

Just as the trapeze artist must let go of one trapeze to fly freely through the air before getting a grip on the other, we too, must let go of our past sources of security and reach for the new.  It is during these times that we must connect with our deepest inner truth.  It alone can provide us with the strength, courage, resolve, and faith to powerfully manifest our highest possible potential.  We can no longer wait for others to lead our way or tolerate any less than the full manifestation of our Soul purpose and true Love.  Let us gather together and explore the depths of our own creativity, truth, and joy so we may be as beacons of light for others and future generations to come.

This adventure into Ourselves, and the world of Relationship will have as its focus the rebalancing and reintegration of the Masculine and Feminine which Kaypacha has been discussing for so long.  The past patriarchal conditioning is giving way to a new, fresh, life-filled experience of Self, Love, and Creativity.  As Women and Men, we must both contact and seek to express the unconscious anima/animus within to truly master the art of loving on all levels; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  As we accomplish this we naturally connect with our true, full, nature, Mother Nature, and each other.

Using the tools of Astrology, Yoga, Breathwork, and personal/group time, we will peel back the layers and polish the jewel that is our truth.  Kaypacha  will assist you in reaching your core self and soul nature.  You will emerge refreshed, rejuvenated, inspired, and centered to make huge leaps toward fulfilling your Soul’s intention!

Friday Evening (7-9 pm) “What the $%&* Is Goin' On?” This introductory talk will set the foundation for the course by describing the current astrological patterns. We are all currently experiencing the intense shift of consciousness in many ways that astrology can help us to understand and navigate more smoothly.  Get ready for a 2 hour Pele Report!!!
***This 2-hour talk is open to the public.

Saturday - (9-5 pmActivities will include breathwork, yoga, and an exploration into the 12 archetypes of the zodiac.  Kaypacha will discuss the evolutionary stages we go through in life on earth and explore the expression of the masculine and feminine in each.  In addition, we will discuss Venus and Mars through the four elements and modes so you can personally understand your own expression of the god/goddess more fully.

Sunday/Monday - Kundalini Yoga (8-9 am)   Astrology (10-5 pm) These two days will be spent using each person's chart to learn the unique expressions of the Masculine/Mars and Feminine/Venus as revealed by their sign, house, and aspects to other planets.  Each person will have an opportunity to share as much of their current life situation (within reason of course!) and ask questions regarding their personal relationship/s dynamics.   Kaypacha will demonstrate his method of chart interpretation that uses the unconscious soul purpose coming into this life as the bottom line to determine whether any relationship is supporting that future intention.  You may wish to bring the charts of your partners for a deeper understanding of their soul intention too!

Tuesday - Kundalini Yoga (8-9 am) Breakfast, closing circle, lunch

Venue: Lipia Gora, Northern Poland (approximately 80 km from Gdansk)

Dwór Lipia Góra (The Courtyard of Lime Mountain) is a beautiful XIX century historical building situated in a picturesque Polish village Lipia Góra. The property is surrounded by a park full of old trees, a little garden, a few tiny ponds and a small river. This place is run by two positive ladies (sisters) who work as a super team. One of them is a farmer`s wife (we`re going to have great food!) and the other one just recently moved to Lipia Góra in order to create a safe welcoming space for people of our tribe. If you want to learn more about venue – take a look at the fb page @DworLipiaGora

Rooms: will be 3 or 4-person rooms with 3 shared bathrooms

For free spirits, there is a possibility to pitch a tent (you must bring your own tent)

Food: Home cooked, delicious, seasonal – mostly from the nearby garden – vegetarian or vegan (let us know which one you prefer)

COST AND REGISTRATION (Space is limited and goes fast):

The total workshop price for non-Poland residents is 650 Euro and includes: Workshop + 4 nights of accommodation + all meals

How to get to Lipia Góra:

City train search engine:, please choose - from: Gdańsk Port Lotniczy (airport) to: Gdańsk Główny

  • From the railway station Gdansk Glowny – take a train to the station Majewo

Here you`ll find the right train  - you can buy a ticket at the station

  • From Majewo to Lipia Góra it`s 2 km walk but if you call the venue owners, they`ll pick you up from a station J

(you`ll get all the necessary info in e-mail after signing in)

Tourist attractions:

As the Lipia Góra is one hour away from Gdansk, we invite you to stay in Poland a little longer to visit the beautiful & lively Tricity – Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia at the Baltic see. Golden beaches, historical towns and lots of other attractions await you.

For more, please take a look at: and

This workshop may be translated into Polish depending on the English fluency and number of Polish participants.  If a small number, they will sit together and have a simultaneous translation.  If a great majority, Kaypacha may pause as the interpreter at his side speaks.


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  1. Hi lovelies, I really, really want to go to this but he email keeps bouncing back! Help! Can you book me in your end?

    • Hi there Gabriele,

      Unfortunately we only accept payment via PayPal! But you should be able to pay even if you don’t have an account – you can just punch in your card details and you pay straight through that way. PayPal is just the tool / ‘middle man’ we use.

      Hope that helps! If you have any more trouble contact me at

      – Admin, New Paradigm Astrology

  2. Hello, I am from Norway. Would like to come! More people from Norway going? It’s great to have someone to travel with.

  3. Anyone have any plans for after the retreat? It would be nice to hang out with the group. Im heading back to Mragowo afterwards but I dont need to be back at any particular time! Also, is anyone else headed east?

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