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August 11, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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There is a virus of the mind,
That will take those who do not yet know,
That we must each individuate,
Or risk losing all control.

Hola All Individuals!

By the time you read this, Mercury will have transited into Virgo, the sign it rules, and will be rapidly catching up to Mars for a word or two! Shortly after that, this weekend, Venus will say goodbye to Virgo, Mars, and Mercury as she moves into her home sign of Libra. Within all that, we have a Sun, Neptune, Pluto Yod, and Black Moon Lilith conjoining with the Moon’s north node this weekend too! What’s it all mean?

If you have not yet seen the Bitchute video I posted last week, please do so. In addition, you can check out some of my posts on either my personal FB page or the New Paradigm Astrology FB page. I recently posted “A Killing of the Mind” and “Howard Beale: Turn Off Your TV,” all of which discuss the mass psychosis and the collective brainwashing that can occur through media addiction and socialization. Earth’s population, with poor education, is highly susceptible to external programming as the young have not been taught how to access their inner world/genius/strength (education means “to draw out,” not program).

The Age of Aquarius, which we are now entering, is an age of “enlightenment,” of “awakening,” the genius within each of us. My take on it is that since this is not being welcomed, fostered, or embraced by the collective, Divine Intelligence is alarming us that we must awaken or suffer unhealthy, painful, and sad consequences for remaining asleep. This week’s transits reflect a time of blocks and hindrances that remind us that we must CREATE our lives, not watch, wait, or hope. So let’s do it!

We’re doing it here at…. what? THE NEW PARADIGM SCHOOL OF ASTROLOGY! Yes indeed! The door to the stars is open! With myself, a fine faculty, and recent graduates to assist you along the way, we’ve created a lively, fun, and exciting pathway to becoming your own astrologer (at your pace in your own time). Check it out, and I hope to see you! 

There is a virus of the mind,
That will take those who do not yet know,
That we must each individuate,
Or risk losing all control.

This week, with all the Virgo energy and inconjuncts to Saturn, we may feel blocked from fully expressing ourselves, our thoughts, and our truth. Saturn, co-ruler of Aquarius, is very powerful through these times and symbolizes the need for us to REFLECT. We may unconsciously create these closed doors or blocked pathways that force us to simply sit with ourselves. Approached with the right attitude, this can lead to profound insights and life changes. 

Taken with a bad attitude, this can lead to blaming, shaming, judging, anger, violence, and other explosive releases of blocked energy. Of course, as Virgo is the archetype of health and healing, this is an excellent time to put that energy into some good exercise and outdoor activity! Additionally, of course, the process of individuation is best furthered through creative enterprises and artistic expressions, so create and be well! 

This article by Paul Levy may be disturbing, but I ask that you read it to the end as it explains the positive potential Wetiiko can carry.

I forgot to mention this week’s song: I Am Who I Am!

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