When it’s all, all gone, absolutely nothing left,
No hopes, no aims, no desire remains,
It is here in complete vulnerability,
That I cultivate the ability,
To let go of all past pain,
Allowing only love to remain.

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In the meantime, let it all go! What has been coming up for you lately has its origins deep in your soul history and the “players” in front of you have many other soul/spirits behind them from who knows how long ago. Feel into it and wish it farewell, goodbye, and clear your space. It can be scary to “give up the ghost,” and change the identity.

The confusion of Jupiter/Mercury opposite Neptune is also part of the shape-shifting we are capable of these days. It is like we are playing multiple characters in the play of life, and now we’re between acts changing costumes to come out a whole new character. Through August and September, we will be wrapping up projects, relationships, and attitudes adopted last December so put a bow on it and kiss it goodbye! Injoy!

15 thoughts on “August 12, 2015 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. THANKS, once again, for your wonderful report. I was wondering if you could share what kind of software you are using on the report. It looks great (also looks quite expensive – but I’ll ask anyway). I’d love to take a closer look at it.

    Thank you in advance – and for all yor work!!

    with love, blessings

  2. Spirit talks through you in such a way that sometimes your words feel as if you are present in my life.
    Thank you for all that you do!

  3. You Rock, Brother Kaypacha!!!! Satnam ~ Book! 🙂
    Internet congestion, I am giggling at the band width of the connectivity of the collective in the Internet. Hopefully, next time around when I come back, the collective will truly be the super highway!
    I look forward to the collective underworld meditation. Global meditations are so awesome! Have you done this before? It is a time to be quiet, very quiet, still. Okay maybe, a personalized shared, transparent, purposeful communication, of a footnote into the Void.
    There is no way to really describe the relationship, or uniqueness of the witness in sacred self but, ….
    It is Wonderous to See & Be. Witness.
    Witness to the sacred self, in a earthly Vitruvian Vessel.
    “Senses”, I am present. I am my I am presences. I am energy.
    I take the Eastern rise every morning: Rain , snow, sun, storms.
    I go out and sit with it, as I know it is fleeting, yet joyous and blissful.
    All nuances of Gaia, and my nature in the moment.
    The texture of it All, in detail, Felt: On skin, in sounds, viewed carefully, walked preciously, hands that feel the soil, the leaves, kiss and smell the flowers and their secret lives of quantum pheromones.
    As if this is it, No Regrets.
    Living by Death, but not of it.
    I imagine losing my senses, all of them into the weightless Void of space.
    How would I paint the complex mosaic of how it felt?
    Slowly, I work my way through them: losing sight, then hearing, sensations of the skin, touching, tasting, loving, letting go.
    The Memory of a Moment, “Infinite Moments”, of how it was for my sacred self and it’s vessel.
    The vessel that contains a Symphony of Love with the Infinite, yet Finite in it’s home.
    A simple particle of humble star dust.
    To live everyday with conscious wonder and love is not a fool’s paradise, but conscious intent that one must keep coming back to, to be awake.
    To be Awake in the fleeting seconds of the vessel we bring to our family, loved ones, and collective.
    Then later again to the night sky and the west, cut and prune into the Darkness.
    How wonderful to see & be, in it all.
    Then there are days where, it does not all line up. Mornings are missed, nights are missed, sometimes a day is not at all.
    This is Fallible vitruvian Baby Steps, a mortal experiment, forgiveness, reflection, and acceptance… to walk forward, Knowing, Remembering, Infinte LOVE is Omnipresent with your path, to just BE!
    Take what I say with a grain of immortal salt.
    May we all come out of the depths, through the mud into buds that bloom petals of 2 to 972, 1000, 1024, or whatever floats your boat. 🙂
    ( my sense is that it might even start with one petal, who knows? ) 🙂
    Gratitudes ! Looking forward to the ride ~ In Lak’ech

  4. This all makes sense! i feel like i am having a fist fight with myself!
    my planets -5 planets in scorpio, leo rising and a sag moon.

  5. I look forward to your readings and thank you with huge love for your sensitivity, compassion and devotion to sharing love. How can I listen in to your meditations please? With thanks too for your wonderful humour and giggles ?

  6. You crack my heart open.
    You blow my mind.
    PAradigm shifting along, doing the work, loving the love, feeling the hurt,

  7. Thank you so much – totally amazing report, echoing what is going on in my life. I was riding the crest of the wave and these past few weeks have left me feeling stripped bare, vulnerable, helpless and incredibly ‘mortal’ on many levels. Actually, as I write this, I’ve noticed the breakdown of the word mortal……..Mort – the French word for death….. here’s to letting go, surrender, trust, rebirth and love – beautiful, transformative, love xxx

  8. Thank you for your free pele reports! For me it is: astrology made accessible, comprehensible and applicable to my life.
    The scale opens up and relativity kicks in; it all balances out in a natural way. Thank you again, Kaypacha…

  9. The first 2 lines….
    When it’s all, all gone, absolutely nothing left,
    No hopes, no aims, no desire remains,

    I was going to say that’s how I feel…..but I don’t feel that positive. Monkey mind may be at work.

    The comments help. A feeling of people being in the same boat…so to speak.

    Thank you, Kaypacha for this Pele report and for the explanation of an important point in my chart during Q&A.

  10. Wow! You gave this reading the night I did my first Vision Quest after 27 years of intending to do it. Finally I did it. Out there in the night, wolves howled, meteor showers shot stars all night, and I saw the northern lights. Yes I was ripped apart, terrified and filled myself with love and the Great Spirit. aaaaaahhhhhh! Yes I feel reborn! Wow! What’s next! Thanks.
    Indigo Star Dreaming Dragonfly

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