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Burning fuel like a locomotive,
And consuming more everyday,
I take it all in and create something new,
That I can give back again.

Let's do something amazing with all that Fire energy, eh?  The solar eclipse set the tone for the rest of this month and things are gonna start picking up again.  As I mentioned in the report but don't think I finished the thought, we are regulators.  As conscious beings we can become more self-aware to feed our fire when it is low and/or cool our jets when we're all hot and bothered and wasting it.  In addition, we can also become more skilled at directing it into creative rather than destructive (unless something needs to get destroyed!) outlets. Super cewel!

So yes, presently, we still have 7 retrograde planets. Time to build the fires within using reflection, contemplation, communication, and inner imagination.  However, it is as if we are race cars at the starting gate revving up our engines. Everything should be coming together by the 27th when Mars goes direct and the gun will go off Sept. 6 when Saturn does too!  All the work we've done since the shake up last December will start giving us results.

Keep up the good work!


So Much Love,

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5 thoughts on “August 15, 2018 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Dear Kaypacha or as I prefer, Thomas.

    I have been partaking of your weekly reflections for a year or so and as a devout Christian, I see such a connection to my passion for the math I’ve studied and the faith I hold. I get it…the study of astrology has tied logic with spirituality – my search for the “peace which passes all human under standing.” While some would only fear the dark side of the moon, I now understand that the unseen belongs with the seen as one.

  2. Yay! Love seeing you in nature and hearing the running water, although the “eye flies” must be very annoying. Also awesome you can spend time with your daughter and connect in person. My favorite part of this report is seeing your Leo playfulness expressing itself in childlike laughter!! Also couldn’t help thinking about your focus on so much fire while my beloved California is burning up. I had hoped to finally get out there (it’s been NINE years since my last trip!) but now I’m glad it didn’t work out for the summer because of all the fires. I’m really heartbroken. Global weather change is being felt all over the earth and people are talking about it. Thanks for the reminder about playing and co-creating. Being a Cancer I can tend to withdraw into my little shell! Happy Trails on your travels, and much love.

  3. That fire energy balance is not working for me right now. Thanka to eclipse purges (damn Scorpios): I feel like i’m dealing with a wildfire anomaly, and there is no intimate partner to explore this current phase with. Its like watching other people go about their day while I deal with a different weather pattern that involves scorched earth. Your Sagittarious explanation helps. And creating something new is awesome!! Good energy seems to be coming back after playing, joking and laughing more with ckose friends. Really appreciate your description of fire that consumes.

    Namaste, much love, and your reports are a weekly must.

  4. Ô all so BEAUTYFILLED report mmmmmm… I am so glad to see place and more so, that you’ve been having good times with yr daugters small and larger ‘soul tribe’ Btw yes, very nice cosy place there imho, and I love all kinds of briges Hmmm I am sending much L xox 😛

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