In my search for health and wellness,
I have found the source of illness,
As separation from the Oneness,
That sows seeds of fear and darkness.

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When we believe in stress, in winning and losing, in accidents and that "Life" is not a coherent, intelligent, structured, whole, we have fallen into the trap of "ego as boss," chaos, fear, dissolution, and in extreme cases, dis-ease, depression, catharsis, all the way down to madness.  Well, fear not!  The Sun is joining Jupiter in Virgo, and it is time to clean up and clear out those misconceptions and come into alignment with our higher Self!  Yes!

Is this easy?  Does it happen overnight? Is there something I can take that will make it happen faster?  The simple answer is no, no, no.  There are temporary fixes, substitutes, and shortcuts, but just as  a tree, flower, or sunrise doesn't speed up due to desire, neither is the organic process of cleansing, clearing, and releasing an instant process.  We will be peeling back layer after layer of false beliefs, relationships founded on false assumptions, and identities based on what other people said.

It may not be easy and it may not be quick but it can be exhilarating as you grow lighter and lighter and your energy builds and quickens and your attitude lifts and lifts others and on and on and on!   So just as your car runs like new after a good visit to the shop, put yourself through the litmus test of truth and pureness of heart and you may find that even though you needed your carburetor cleaned, there is even more than hope for you, there is Awesomeness!

69 thoughts on “August 19, 2015 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Huz and I wait impatiently for your report every week. Love it!! I watch it a few times. Very grateful for your work, wisdom and sharing. thank you!!! Need to comment because we couldn’t watch this format. We miss your face AND hand motions!! I couldn’t register your words. Im up for change but this felt like an algebra class. Namaste, Amy and Mark from Michigan. We want to come to see you in Guatemala. Wondering if it is Lake Atitlan?

    • I agree with Amy… I love your weekly reports and I missed seeing your face and hand movements! Watching the chart the whole time gave me a headache. 🙁

      • I agree, Jennifer. I need to see you, Kaypacha, saying goodbye and giving love……miss you doing that this week. So much love!

        • I loved what you did this week with the chart. I learned so much and need the visuals. We all have different learning styles. Don’t give it up. Sat Nam.

          • How about if you post the chart to the minority of your loyal devotees and bring your wonderful self back to the majority of the commenters? I can’t watch a chart. It leaves me uninspired. Even your voice looses its juice when you’re highlighting the chart.

          • Lost me dude. I’m a blind guy and like hearing your advice in a practical way. As a side note, you talked about changing and expanding in the future, maybe a class for students who are studying charts could be useful and something practical for the rest of us. Peace.

        • I’m with these ladies… Adding new things are always great! However, we don’t have to go messing with our weekly pele report. I love listening to your other videos also, though not in place of my weekly ritual. I also watch it several times and have for a couple years!!! I normally keep quiet, I just couldn’t this time!! Looking forward to this week!!!

    • Hey Tom,
      I found you while living in Hawaii about 2 years ago. My friend and I absolutely loved your report because of your uniqueness and character. Please keep the original format! This is sterile, it feels like it’s not your authentic self, the one we know? I’ve always looked forward to the next report even excited, this
      I can’t even get into listening to. :((
      Kaypacha, bring back the real you that has been bringing us the Pele Report!!!

      • I could have written every single of these words…the very things that make your report unique, that make it healing and inspiring were stripped away…no nature, no animated talking and gesturing, no essence of your authentic self coming across the miles to cheer my soul..please come back

    • Please bring your happy face back, Tom. It ain’t happening without you. I just can’t follow. Why not email the chart to those folks who don’t like seeing you. You were BORN to visit us each week with your expression and hand gestures. We LOVE that part of your reports. Come back to us.

    • PLEASE Come back to us Tom! I This new format feels sterile and empty. Kaypacha, your UNIQUE and beautiful soul just doesn’t translate through this format. You are such a gift to all of us, we need to SEE you. PLEASE, go back to your former format. I post your weekly Pele reports on social media and MANY of my followers asked me what happened? Your authentic self is not experienced in this format, the information you bring is nothing without your essence, I want the whole package back on my screen: the hand movements are YOU, your infectious laughter, the nTural settings, BRING IT BACK! Xox

    • Amy is so right, it’s as if your beautiful essence retreated….now it’s just words from a screen. Come back to us! Don’t fix what ain’t broken, dude!

    • Yes, please go back to the weekly reports, they hold so much relevance because of the uncanny accuracy, it’s inspirational. I don’t care much for the software and alignments (too technical for me right now), the long term forecast doesn’t mean as much to me personally.

    • The charts are interesting and I learnt a lot. However, I missed you. And hope you return to our screens very soon. X
      P.S. Your hand gestures don’t impact on the quality of the visuals for me!

    • I miss seeing your face too!!!!!! I love your hand gestures. You get the essence of what is happening!! Thank you so much for your weekly report. I look forward to it so much!! Thank you for all the great work you do!!

  2. Dearest Kaypacha,

    We have been longtime ardent loyal loving watchers of your weekly reports for many moons.

    While we appreciate your embracing change in response to your other viewers comments – we feel compelled to share with you our feelings of disappointment in this new format.

    Dude – we are bummed.

    Your report has become a ritual of guidance to preview our week ahead – as well, we truly enjoy the views of walks in nature, and your abundance of beautiful jewelry and feathers and your animated face. Staring at a white screen and astrology chart takes away from all of your charm and personalization of the message.

    Seriously – please reconsider these changes. We miss the animals noises, the wind in your hair, the ‘yeah baby’ and the exotic places you explore.

    We couldn’t even take in the report today – it felt more like a painful trip to the DMV. ANd nobody likes the DMV.

    We like your face and your hand gestures and don’t care about the camera focus.

    Our mantra to you is ; Don’t fix what’s not broken.

    So much love,

    Aunty Kitty and Jodster

    • I’m hoping this format was for this week only, just to try something new, and that he’ll be back to the usual format next week. (**CROSSES FINGERS, please, please, please**) LOVE YOU AND ALL YOUR HAND GESTURES, KAYPACHA!! <33 Your personality is what makes you the best out there when it comes to astrologers (in my opinion). The original format is perfect.

      Whoever complained about your hand gestures and wanted to see a computer screen rather than you speaking so genuinely and conversationally out in nature must have a real BIG stick up their you-know-where.

      Keep being awesome <3

  3. Tom! YIKES!!!! What are you doing Man? We love all that you are. I understand change may be good, but your true nature isn’t the white screen, That’s NOT YOU Man! Let go of that crap that you have to do it like everyone else wants! I began listening to you only a year ago. And have been a faithful follower. It is so heartbreaking to see you are becoming more like all the other videos on the topic. Who cares about the whiners. Come to your senses Man;) Will the REAL TOM LESCHER PLEASE COME BACK? I love you Tom. and I will try to continue to listen, but because I am extremely limited to being in nature, and you are so unique, and also, you are distracted by having to manipulate the computer.. I can do without seeing the charts.. It is you , your personality, and your divine light that brings me here. Anybody can find charts to interpret but your love and light shines through when not distracted by the computer. COME BACK! I miss you ! Ruby

  4. With respect!…. This is not the form! It’s much to tecnical, I lost fokus half the way, and I am even into the geometry. People like to see Your hands flying around in cosmos that’s why we are here….

    Thank you

  5. Dear tom, I do agree with the above, it is difficult to register your words and to connect them to meaning without seeing you speak.
    I could imagine that yoru new format is maybe very exciting to humans who study astrology and have an inside however as the chart is 2 dimensional now your words and meaning have lost a dimension. and exactly the dimension you speak about – the dimension of connection to someone like me….who isnt training in astrology and appreciated your way of translating the movement of the stars and planets into the movement of the soul body and mind of us earthling.
    also i feel you less immediate and direct, also in your own train of thought.
    Maybe you could reconsider and work a bit more on the idea of a new format of the pele report, while keeping in mind what purpose for it to serve you had in mind when you first started it.
    Very happy to hear you are coming to greece next year.
    all the very best for your travels

    • I already miss you! Go back to the other format……. Please
      Hope I am in Colorado by the time you are there. We are like a spitting image in so many ways except I am female? Cheerios

  6. Hi Tom!

    Love your weekly reports 😀
    I agree with all the above comments; YOU are the focus (locus) of the Pele report!
    Love to see and hear where you are at, it usually mirrors the stars beautifully.

    Thank you for all your work.
    Blessings from Scotland.


  7. It is heartbreaking to watch you try to restrain your hand movements, Tom. You are the astrological vibration we are all connecting to, there is no separation. Do what makes your heart sing, and we’ll sing along with you. Love and thanks for all you are, and all you do.

  8. Many thanks for latest Pele report , I love the new format . It is so enlightening and exciting to see the planets moving as you are talking us through the next stages . – Blessings for all your generous sharing of insights and wisdom. x Christiane , UK

  9. I also love your walk in the park………….different parks in the world …………
    Maybe you could do a little of both,- show the chart more than you did before, but not all the time……..
    It is also nice to see your face and hand-movements.
    Thank you very much for your great reports ! Looking so much forward to them every week !

  10. Tom, Kaypacha –

    Please return to your former format. I’m hoping this was a “once and done,” because…well, it left me cold. I echo all the comments above (except the perhaps two or so that thought this experiment was “great”). YOU and your UNIQUE and, dare I say, lovable ways of expressing yourself are the reason I impatiently check your website every Wednesday for the next update.

    I found your judicious use of that neat software that shows the actual position of the planets, etc. (used in last week’s edition to illustrate the Venus conjunction) wonderful. But that’s because it’s helpful to “see” things from that perspective. For those of us who are simply trying to correlate all the “stuff” that’s going on in our lives and in the world all around us with what’s going on celestially, you are an astounding breath of fresh air.

    I never watch one of your videos without smiling, laughing (or at least chuckling), and feeling an actual kinship with you. Except last night’s. Well, no, that’s not true either; I actually think you made me smile BEFORE launching into the mind-numbing explanation of what’s “coming.”

    Selfishly, I would like to beg you to do a “redo.” I would love to know your take on what we can expect this week. And I don’t have a damn clue based on what I watched/listened to last night. I am sad.

    You are your Leonine, awesome self – just the way you are. (From an Aries who loves her Leos.)

  11. I did enjoy the report this week and feel like I learned a lot so I think its an important part of the information we need to really understand whats going on. However, I missed watching you with nature all around, from the singing birds to the beautiful landscape. Maybe you could do one report and put it out in 2 different formats, one with you giving the report so we can see you and then one with the chart as you’re talking about it. Thanks for all you do.

  12. Hi Tom!

    I eagerly await your report each week and I love everything about it! But I must say I much prefer your way!
    Everything about the report in previous times just feels so organic and alive!
    I love to explore with you whilst trying to find a suitable spot! It’s the anticipation of where we will end up!
    Also the sounds are great! Nature <3
    Hand gestures and facial expressions please!
    Tom, you rock!
    Much love, Joanne

  13. oh my dear kaypacha, bring back your lovely visage and hand movements. dontchaknow that it is the force of your personality that lifts us? and not necessarily whatever the planets are doing – but how you express the deeper meaning outward. I too believe in sacred geometry – my business card is the golden rectangle… …………but i don’t talk about that in my sessions as much as using my understanding of how it all fits for each person delivered thru my personality. i love you – you have saved my ass during difficult times. go ahead and play with these things – but recognize the need from your unastrologically oriented public. WE ALL LOVE YOU> we need you.


  14. Kaypacha,

    I don’t know if I feel as strongly as some of the other commenters. I watch you every week with an open mind. I love and except the pele report however you decide to deliver it! I did enjoy the chart talk and do enjoy seeing the software from time to time. However, I think I would prefer seeing you in nature and listening to you and seeing your hand gestures, too! I think you should be free to try new things and experiment with how you would like to present. Just so grateful you are there with your gift every week!
    Your report was so significant for me this week and last week, too. I purchased the e-book copy of that book you mentioned last week. “The Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation”. I had not heard of it before. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I think the information in this book might be exactly what I’ve been searching for the past few years for attaining health and well being. Please, as we are going through this time of cleansing and clearing, please feel free to share any knowledge or wisdom you have learned with us, like you did last week. The knowledge is needed! Even sharing what you are doing personally is of great interest. Please continue to add personal tid bits in the report. I love hearing about what you are up to, where you are going and doing!

    So much love,

  15. Kaypacha! WOW, How frick’n amazing! I love all the comments from the NP community, “no blocked emotions there” awesome, and how very, very, interesting…. I can see both sides.
    Loved it. very Virgo’ic, like a Q&A on the weather, how to tackle it and it’s broader theme.
    “When the student is ready…”, this provides no distractions in a disseminating masterful way.
    There is a rapid synthesis with the visual and gentle maverick Kaypach pulling the puzzle apart from different angles.
    It has so many impregnated potentials and at the very least a practical learning of a language, through your eyes of the symphony in tones and notes within the angles, alignments and aspects of a chart. Beautiful !
    How to discern over and over again. Practise, practise, practise. Aha.
    Pele Report is a portal between NPC & larger collective.
    It’s equanimity potential is so infinite in catalogue. 🙂 Like Mystic Mama is timeless & infinite, yet time appropriate.
    Pele’s offering is the weather, but clearly it is so much more!
    I know a journalist who is also an incredibly funny comedian. His media management requires separate dual sites. The twains can never meet because of backlash. I hope that he eventually will merge them. I believe we are all so multifaceted and yes, it’s true, we can be many separate selves in different realities, but in my estimation it is the merging that adapts and shines to its fullest for the collective. That is individuized magnetics “no parameters”, Haha.

    Food for thought: Guided Global Underworld Meditation, first time experiment! Great. Way to go!
    What was it’s intent?
    If it’s intent was in “an act of love into the collective”,then you cannot put parameters on it.
    It’s Birth, requires no boundaries…It will lose it’s Inertia!
    The ripples will never make it to the shore, let alone the infinite well.
    As a profit rock, weighs, “stifles it with gravity” into a deep abyss.
    However, i would create a 2nd refined version for charge, but leave the experiment “as a gift and open to offers”, if that resonates. As it did for so many of us. 🙂

    Oh, my goodness, ….In change, tolerance and peace.
    Looking forward to Mars, Venus conjunct jupiter dissemination however it comes. 🙂
    And the Genes that jump into the collective in “this middle Pele Way”, Kaypacha !
    Gratitudes always for the Weather. Laughter & infinites smiles, vitruvian baby steps~ 🙂 In Lak’ech

  16. Hey kaypacha!
    I love everything you do and thank you so much for bringing light and illumination to these crazy times we are living in.

    I have to say, I love to see your face, you are like an old friend and it makes me smile to see you animate and express so freely with the animals and plants!

    I think the best balance was a few weeks ago when you did the 3D astrology stuff at the start for a few minutes and then the pele report where we could see you talking and sharing with us. I missed you this week! You are such a beautiful soul, we want to see you!

    So much love
    Natasha London, uk

  17. Kaypacha – you are our shining light every Wednesday (sometimes Thursday lately). We love love love you, seeing your face, feeling your energy, trying to figure out where you are in the world, experiencing nature vicariously through you as we sit in smelly hot NYC, and hearing your guidance for the week ahead. It is truly special and look forward to it every week.

    So today we were heartbroken to find out that we only got a glimpse of your face and palpable spirit. We love learning more about astrology and think there is a place for the maps, etc. but perhaps in a separate format to go with your usual Pele Report videos? There is something to be said for feeling a more human connection with astrology that seeing your face provides.

    Thank you so much for everything that you do. You have changed our lives for the better!!!

    p.s. we’ll make you a tasty Brazilian dinner if you’re ever in NYC 🙂

  18. Hi Tom!

    I’m a huge fan of your work and look forward to your guidance, wisdom and incredible support during a very challenging time in all our lives. I love that you’re listening to fans, reading all the comments and changing things up a bit to see what works and what doesn’t work its how you develop new ideas and grow. I have to share that one of the biggest reasons I tune in is because of your true and authentic energy. Even if your camera does go out of focus, I love it. I wonder often why you don’t put it on auto focus so you can come in and out of frame but it adds to the genuine nature of your soul and therefore translates to the message you are sharing. It’s not over produced or against a green screen or in a stage or studio setting. It’s real. We follow you in your life in your natural setting – that’s what makes it so special. Your message is too important to lose an audience you’re building so quickly. We want to keep walking with you until you find a spot to give the report. Not many people travel the way you do – so you’re taking us all on a journey. Lastly, I adore your fun laugh, charisma and free spirit especially when you are getting real about what’s happening cosmically and in all our lives. That gets lost when we can’t connect with you directly. And please, please don’t stop swing your arms or animating big moments when the report gets to places that we often don’t want to hear but need to hear. So swing away, be free, entertain us as much as you guide and love us – because we love you the way you are!!! Lastly, you can always shoot content that narrates the images and computer software – there’s room for both content. Maybe thats where you have a “Spin Off” series of content that is formatted differently. I love that your trying new things and new ideas – it’s fun. Just wanted to share my two cents. Big Love my brother. XO Tina

  19. There are a few pointers on the technical side of your camera that will help with the focus / Autofocus and the sound quality . I thoroughly enjoy your work. I’m going to look up when you’re in Taos because I would love to connect . Thank you for all that you give to me and give to others each week … Maybe see each other in New Mexico

  20. Please go back to former format beeing you, including hand movements that helps clarifying your message. Every week I look forward to your report, but I am sorry to say that the format of last report was a disappointment. I could not relate the facts to the daily life. Maybe your new format is for another kind of audience. Keep my fingers crossed!

  21. Dearest Kaypacha 🙂 Love your work no matter the format. Keep it comin brother!
    This pele, I just found myself tuning in in a slightly different way.. learning, growing, expanding.
    I think it’s brilliant that you listen to feedback and are happy try out different things.

    Thank you for your sharings, teachings and deep wisdom.
    You inspire.

  22. First thanks for give us the Pele Report
    Second, I prefer the old format with couple of minutes showing the charts and the rest wisdom and enlightenment.
    Love ya!

  23. I want to express my gratitude for your service.

    It is really a great contribution for this transition and supports me a lot.

    And also your astrology now did its job to bring me to kundalini Yoga =)
    Decided to make a commitment for 40 days Krya for the lymphatic system, and it is so powerful!!

    Feeling much brighter and lighter! even though I need a lot of will power to do the work…

    Namasté so much love

  24. Dear Kaypacha,

    I want to echo so many of the comments above– what makes the Pele Report so compelling and exciting, so fulfilling, fun, insightful, and so completely unique is YOU. You are what we all come here to see. Your spur-of-the-moment reflections brought on by your hikes in nature, your informal approach (including the single-camera set up wherever you can find a spot!)– it makes us all feel like we are right there with you. Like a friend on a hike, someone who is willing to open up their soul and their experiences, and their insights, and spill it out right there in the beauty of nature.

    I have been watching you weekly for over 2.5 years now (I started back in early 2013!), and it’s your face that I return to and rely on in the sea of other astro reports. It’s not just about astrology, it’s your interpretation and casual, inspired musings that I come here (oh-so-gratefully!) to see. I didn’t realize how empty my week felt until I didn’t have you a part of it.

    Embrace your approach, it has gotten you this far and has catapulted you beyond probably where you ever expected to be. Your light, spontaneity, and infectiously joyful personality are all too bright to be dimmed behind a white screen of pixelated forecasting.

    You know the old adage: the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Well I’m not a squeaky wheel, typically. I sit back and enjoy your reports without expressing my gratitude as I should. I sat back and let others express what they wanted (which, sadly, was misguided feedback), without tossing in my own. But this week I found it exactly the perfect time to express how I feel and how grateful I am for the work that you do. Thank you.

    Look, I teach, so I understand what it’s like to get critical feedback; I get student evaluations at the end of each course. I know it’s easy to just want to focus on the negative voices, the critiques, and want to adjust to meet their needs. But really they are less than 1% of your audience. Everyone else is right there with you. Ignore the squeaky advice to dim your spirit. Let it shine. I look forward to seeing your spark, your joyful face, your quick wit, and undaunted spirit back next week 🙂

    Much love!


  25. So happy to hear everyone’s overwhelming love and support for you giving the Pelle Report. I very much enjoy and appreciate your presence and presentation, your light-hearted, yet wise words. I laugh, I learn and I greatly enjoy who you are. Please keep yourself in your authenticity in front of the camera. I understand so much more in the personal way you share with me and others. So much gratitude and love. Namaste.

  26. Kaypatcha/Tom.

    I love travelling around the world with you, and seeing your different collection of jewellery and rings. I like the 3d imagery in the middle, it’s helped me understand squares, trines etc. BUT most of all I love your take, your philosophy and general wisdom that you give us.
    As someone commented above. Your like an old friend that gives us a great over view as to what’s happening.

    I nodded out this week… and although a lovely kip, I missed most of the report. Come back to us.

  27. I love the original format with you in front of the camera. I watch it every week and have done for a couple of years. I was disappointed with the charts. Anyway, I’m so excited to be seeing you in person next weekend in Tofino.

  28. I always anticipate reading your weekly report report . Please go back to your old style . It is perfect. Bless you Daya

  29. I always wait with anticipate to read your weekly report. Please go back to your original way It is perfect. Bless you Daye. So much Love Daya

  30. First, so glad to hear your report every week. I respect your dedication and discipline, in whatever form, and always feel the love. Second, something’s up. Things are unlocking and opening up. Today was not subtle.

  31. Hi Kaypacha,

    I hope to see you when you come to Australia this year. I want to say, you are an amazing, amazing teacher- healing comes through and shifts and lifts and transforms energy as you speak- I feel it. I must say therefore, while every blue moon the chart visuals are good, we need to see you; the healing still comes through your voice but I also feel for you, it’s important to be seen- you are leo, aren’t you? They need to be seen!! :-} Best wishes and thanks so much for all you do, Danielle

  32. Hi Kaypacha, love your report. Miss the other format. I prefer to see your face and hand gestures and nature walks. Dig seeing the chart but prefer seeing you. Thanks and so much love Xxox MM

  33. Pls come back! All this technical stuff is not so important! It’s nice to see it, but pls dont disappear from the screen hahaha. Make some extra shots of the important movements so people can see it if they like it.
    Your message comes from your HEART, your face, your hands, your walks, picking a place and everything around it. It’s the whole package!! After listening it today I dont feel the message, I dont feel the mantra…:(
    I always get happy listening to you, looking at you and especially how u usually forget the mantra….;) I love it hahaha, it’s so real…. At the end this is how your reports got famous, right?! So pls keep it that way:) hope to see u next week whole report long haha…. Aloha!! Sat nam

  34. Hey… Dude…. Love your T- shirt. As for the rest of the controversial, opinionated comments, well …. Don’t know. Not even going to waste my energy there. Peace out. Travel well… Lou

  35. It always seemed as tho the lack of focus of the camera happened at the appropriate time during your chat that it added emphasis to what you were saying… go back and watch, I think you will agree. I enjoyed learning more about the charts but, I too like to see your face.

  36. This was yet another wonderful & oh! so helpful report! I had hoped to join your workshops up in B.C. this week but alas! could not get the time off. That will have to be for some other time & place …hopefully not in the too distant future. Thanks for all you do, you are the best! So much love!

  37. Please post on the same day each week. Used to be Tuesdays by noon Eastern. Then started slipping later, even into Wednesdays. It’s Thursday and no Tom. Wassup, dude? I wait for you every week.

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