unnamedI was initiated into reading the Mayan Calendar and Mayan Astrology in 1998 while living in Vancouver, Canada. A few years later I moved to the powerful little beach town of Tulum, Mexico. This move was initiated with the intent to deepen my practice with the Mayan Calendar and most importantly, to be available to do readings for the many people who visit this area with the genuine intent to connect with the insight and power of the Mayan culture and this wondrous calendar. My work blossoms consciousness and love within your everyday life and attunes you to your divine essence and sacred path, so your awareness grows and you may realize all the beauty, gifts and synchronicities within your human experience.

For personal readings, classes or if you'd like to know more about the magic of the Mayan Calendar and how it can empower you on your heart path and the unveiling of your full potential, www.mayancalendarreadings.com


5 thoughts on “August 2015 – Aiesha Cosmos

  1. Thank you Aiesha for you video, I love your insight through Mayan Calendar as to the current energies. I’m curious about the correlations between the Mayan Calendar and the DreamSpell? For example, according to the Mayan Calendar I’m a Deer, but in the DreamSpell I’m a Seed, yet both descriptions seem spot on. If there are any resources you’d recommend, I’d love to know and if this isn’t your area, no worries. Thanks so much for sharing, Peace….Margaret

  2. Aiesha, You are a RADIANT ball of Fire & LIGHT! I love the rhythm of your interpretation, beautiful. Not a missed beat!! I can see you doing SPOKEN WORD!! I bet you’ve done that, right? 🙂
    I am smiling & giggling, Synchronicity. You are a perfect vision of the Rumi quote I used this morning as comment at Mystic Mama “May the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”
    Which later, led me to ruminate about my vessel, my senses and daily rituals of communing & grounding in the morning and night.
    The texture I take in of the joyous infinite moment, is consciously remembered by eliminating each my senses.
    Living by death, but not of it. I am a Red Cosmic Moon, my husband a White Solar Mirror and we have a beautiful White Cosmic World Bridger.
    You ARE AMAZING! Infinite light & love and smiles ~ In Lak’ech

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