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Through surprising revelations,
Great Spirit has shown to me,
The life I need to manifest,
In order to be free.

OK, the great eclipse is over. Did you get it? Your galactic instructions? Your cosmic mission? Your truth? Well then, the only left to do is to do it! Sun in Virgo coming up to Mercury, Mars on the north node trine Saturn/Lilith, these all reflect grounding, rolling up the sleeves and digging in order to truly realize the potential. It is not going to happen by itself, we are the instruments of the future!

So it may not be so easy going back to some ordinary job situation, circle of friends, or daily routine after getting a good download. You may even feel that you didn't get enough of a download and expected/wanted more out of the gods/goddesses. Oh well, if that's the case the gods and goddesses are trusting you to create your own future in total freewill...... feel good about being trusted and relied upon by the galactic masters! Go for it! Injoy!

One download I got is that it is time to bring astrology down to earth, down to our bodies and FEEL it, MOVE it, and DANCE IT! I'm putting together the First 'Dance Your Stars' retreat!!!! It is going to be unbelievable!!!! Check it out!

6 thoughts on “August 23, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. a friend of a friend visited and we listened to your astrologos
    would like to hear more and find out about energies in my and other lives ….. .. ., although would like to learn biodynamic gardening,(steiner principles)


  2. hey star brother,i live in Tyrol-Lechtal , walley with beautiful blue river-when dry,milky or like latte colour whenrains. u should come and visit thisplace if u have time(from north italy is close).friend has a lovely wooden stable whee we teach yoga-up to 20 peple would have space there for workshop. i would love to do the soul purpose wokshop or kundalini yoga with u or astrology. i’m afraid i can’t go to goa as i wouldnt like to leave my 5 yr old son for more than week ♡. how much we would have to pay u for workshop so it’s worth it for u? u could stay in our guestroom with shower 😁 hope to c u soon. maja

    • Inspiring….. Italy must agree with you- your message was very grounded. Creating Freedom sounds amazing. Sat Nam Kaypacha!

  3. This report is just beautiful Kaypacha thanks gratitude and love ..I have a Leo Sun 27deg that was eclipsed on my solar was a peak experience.. brought in many wonderful unexpected gifts…allowing me to manifest what I now want to do…then slow the waiting now…as I process the recent explosion of being ejected back into the world…every word you said in this report is a pearl a treasure…gratitude glorious respectful love for you…I was given one of your books for my birthday..I love you…so much love Diana xx

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